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Poster of The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter

Release Date: 1978-03-09 (44 years ago)
Portrait of Robert De NiroRobert De Niro
Michael Vronsky
Robert De Niro was:
Portrait of Christopher WalkenChristopher Walken
Nikanor "Nick" Chevotarevich
Christopher Walken was:
Portrait of John CazaleJohn Cazale
John Cazale was:
Portrait of John SavageJohn Savage
Steven Pushkov
John Savage was:
Portrait of Meryl StreepMeryl Streep
Meryl Streep was:
Portrait of George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
George Dzundza was:
Portrait of Rutanya AldaRutanya Alda
Rutanya Alda was:
Portrait of Pierre SeguiPierre Segui
Pierre Segui was:
Portrait of Amy WrightAmy Wright
Amy Wright was:
Portrait of Richard KussRichard Kuss
Linda's Father
Richard Kuss was:
Portrait of Joe GrifasiJoe Grifasi
Joe Grifasi was:
Portrait of Dennis WatlingtonDennis Watlington
Cab Driver
Dennis Watlington was:
Portrait of Shirley StolerShirley Stoler
Steven's Mother
Shirley Stoler was:
Portrait of Chuck AspegrenChuck Aspegren
Chuck Aspegren was:
Portrait of Mary Ann HaenelMary Ann Haenel
Stan's Girl
Mary Ann Haenel was:
Portrait of Mady KaplanMady Kaplan
Axel's Girl
Mady Kaplan was:
Portrait of Paul D'AmatoPaul D'Amato
Paul D'Amato was:
Portrait of Christopher Colombi Jr.Christopher Colombi Jr.
Wedding Man
Christopher Colombi Jr. was:
Portrait of Victoria KarnafelVictoria Karnafel
Sad Looking Girl
Victoria Karnafel was:
Portrait of Jack ScardinoJack Scardino
Cold Old Man
Jack Scardino was:
Portrait of Joe StrnadJoe Strnad
Bingo Caller
Joe Strnad was:
Portrait of Helen TomkoHelen Tomko
Helen Tomko was:
Portrait of Charlene DarrowCharlene Darrow
Red Head
Charlene Darrow was:
Portrait of Jane-Colette DiskoJane-Colette Disko
Girl Checker
Jane-Colette Disko was:
Portrait of Michael WolletMichael Wollet
Stock Boy
Michael Wollet was:
Portrait of Robert BeardRobert Beard
World War Veteran
Robert Beard was:
Portrait of Joe DzizmbaJoe Dzizmba
World War Veteran
Joe Dzizmba was:
Portrait of Stephen KopestonskyStephen Kopestonsky
Stephen Kopestonsky was:
Portrait of John F. Buchmelter IIIJohn F. Buchmelter III
Bar Patron
John F. Buchmelter III was:
Portrait of Frank DevoreFrank Devore
Frank Devore was:
Portrait of Tom BeckerTom Becker
Tom Becker was:
Portrait of Lynn KongkhamLynn Kongkham
Lynn Kongkham was:
Portrait of Nongnuj TimruangNongnuj Timruang
Bar Girl
Nongnuj Timruang was:
Portrait of Po Pao PeePo Pao Pee
Chinese Referee
Po Pao Pee was:
Portrait of Dale BurroughsDale Burroughs
Embassy Guard
Dale Burroughs was:
Portrait of Parris HicksParris Hicks
Parris Hicks was:
Portrait of Samui Muang-IntataSamui Muang-Intata
Chinese Bodyguard
Samui Muang-Intata was:
Portrait of Sapox ColisiumSapox Colisium
Chinese Man
Sapox Colisium was:
Portrait of Vitoon WinwitoonVitoon Winwitoon
NVA Officer
Vitoon Winwitoon was:
Portrait of Somsak SengvilaiSomsak Sengvilai
V.C. Referee
Somsak Sengvilai was:
Portrait of Charan NusvanonCharan Nusvanon
Chinese Boss
Charan Nusvanon was:
Portrait of Jiam GongtongsmootJiam Gongtongsmoot
Chinese Man At Door
Jiam Gongtongsmoot was:
Portrait of Chai PeyawanChai Peyawan
South Vietnamese Prisoner
Chai Peyawan was:
Portrait of Mana HansaMana Hansa
South Vietnamese Prisoner
Mana Hansa was:
Portrait of Sombot JumpanoiSombot Jumpanoi
South Vietnamese Prisoner
Sombot Jumpanoi was:
Portrait of Phip ManeePhip Manee
Woman In Village
Phip Manee was:
Portrait of Ding SantosDing Santos
V.C. Guard
Ding Santos was:
Portrait of Krieng ChaiyapukKrieng Chaiyapuk
V.C. Guard
Krieng Chaiyapuk was:
Portrait of Ot PalapooOt Palapoo
V.C. Guard
Ot Palapoo was:
Portrait of Chok Chai MahasokeChok Chai Mahasoke
V.C. Guard
Chok Chai Mahasoke was:
Portrait of Joel ThingvallJoel Thingvall
Joel Thingvall was:
Portrait of Gary A. JonesGary A. Jones
Hospital Orderly (uncredited)
Gary A. Jones was:
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