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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Instinct


Release Date: 1999-06-04 (22 years ago)
Portrait of Anthony HopkinsAnthony Hopkins
Dr. Ethan Powell
Anthony Hopkins was:
Portrait of Cuba Gooding Jr.Cuba Gooding Jr.
Dr. Theo Caulder
Cuba Gooding Jr. was:
Portrait of Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland
Ben Hillard
Donald Sutherland was:
Portrait of Maura TierneyMaura Tierney
Lynn Powell
Maura Tierney was:
Portrait of George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
Dr. John Murray
George Dzundza was:
Portrait of John AshtonJohn Ashton
Guard Dacks
John Ashton was:
Portrait of John AylwardJohn Aylward
Warden Keefer
John Aylward was:
Portrait of Doug SpinuzzaDoug Spinuzza
Doug Spinuzza was:
Portrait of Thomas Q. MorrisThomas Q. Morris
Thomas Q. Morris was:
Portrait of Vivienne SendaydiegoVivienne Sendaydiego
Vivienne Sendaydiego was:
Portrait of Paul BatesPaul Bates
Paul Bates was:
Portrait of Rex LinnRex Linn
Gurad Alan
Rex Linn was:
Portrait of Rod McLachlanRod McLachlan
Guard Anderson
Rod McLachlan was:
Portrait of Tracey EllisTracey Ellis
Tracey Ellis was:
Portrait of Kim IngramKim Ingram
Lester Rodman
Kim Ingram was:
Portrait of Paul CollinsPaul Collins
Tom Hanley
Paul Collins was:
Portrait of Marc MacaulayMarc Macaulay
Marc Macaulay was:
Portrait of Jim GrimshawJim Grimshaw
Jim Grimshaw was:
Portrait of Louanne StephensLouanne Stephens
Marjorie Powell
Louanne Stephens was:
Portrait of Ajgie KirklandAjgie Kirkland
Captain Kagona
Ajgie Kirkland was:
Portrait of Chike Kani OmoChike Kani Omo
Chike Kani Omo was:
Portrait of Ivonne CollIvonne Coll
Dr. Marzuez
Ivonne Coll was:
Portrait of Pat McNamaraPat McNamara
Dr. Josephson
Pat McNamara was:
Portrait of Roger FloydRoger Floyd
Roger Floyd was:
Portrait of Kurt SmildsinKurt Smildsin
Guard #1
Kurt Smildsin was:
Portrait of Jim R. ColemanJim R. Coleman
Guard #2
Jim R. Coleman was:
Portrait of Gary BristowGary Bristow
Federal Marshall
Gary Bristow was:
Portrait of Tyrone C. WigginsTyrone C. Wiggins
Soldier (uncredited)
Tyrone C. Wiggins was:
Portrait of David DeeverDavid Deever
Man in Car
David Deever was:
Portrait of Tim GoodwinTim Goodwin
Helmet Man
Tim Goodwin was:
Portrait of Kevin-Michael MooreKevin-Michael Moore
Kevin-Michael Moore was:
Portrait of Alex KalognomosAlex Kalognomos
Alex Kalognomos was:
Portrait of Jimmy DipisaJimmy Dipisa
Jimmy Dipisa was:
Portrait of Manwell HendrixManwell Hendrix
Manwell Hendrix was:
Portrait of Kevin McNallyKevin McNally
Kevin McNally was:
Portrait of Joe TackeJoe Tacke
Joe Tacke was:
Portrait of Bertram WallaceBertram Wallace
Bertram Wallace was:
Portrait of John TravisJohn Travis
Bartender Mike
John Travis was:
Portrait of Dave AnthonyDave Anthony
Gorilla Performers
Dave Anthony was:
Portrait of John Munro CameronJohn Munro Cameron
Gorilla Performers
John Munro Cameron was:
Portrait of Jay CaputoJay Caputo
Gorilla Performers
Jay Caputo was:
Portrait of Garon MichaelGaron Michael
Gorilla Performers
Garon Michael was:
Portrait of David St. PierreDavid St. Pierre
Gorilla Performers
David St. Pierre was:
Portrait of Verne TroyerVerne Troyer
Gorilla Performers
Verne Troyer was:
Portrait of Tory KittlesTory Kittles
Tory Kittles was:
Portrait of Rico PaisleyRico Paisley
Uniform Cop
Rico Paisley was:
Portrait of M.J. D'BellaM.J. D'Bella
M.J. D'Bella was:
Portrait of Misty RosasMisty Rosas
Gorilla Performers
Misty Rosas was:
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