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Poster of Impulse


Release Date: 1990-04-06 (32 years ago)
Portrait of Theresa RussellTheresa Russell
Lottie Mason
Theresa Russell was:
Portrait of Jeff FaheyJeff Fahey
Jeff Fahey was:
Portrait of George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
Lt. Joe Morgan
George Dzundza was:
Portrait of Alan RosenbergAlan Rosenberg
Charley Katz
Alan Rosenberg was:
Portrait of Nicholas MeleNicholas Mele
Nicholas Mele was:
Portrait of Eli DankerEli Danker
Eli Danker was:
Portrait of Charles McCaughanCharles McCaughan
Frank Munoff
Charles McCaughan was:
Portrait of Lynne ThigpenLynne Thigpen
Dr. Gardner
Lynne Thigpen was:
Portrait of Shawn ElliottShawn Elliott
Tony Peron
Shawn Elliott was:
Portrait of Angelo TiffeAngelo Tiffe
Angelo Tiffe was:
Portrait of Christopher LawfordChristopher Lawford
Christopher Lawford was:
Portrait of Nick SavageNick Savage
Nick Savage was:
Portrait of Dan BellDan Bell
Dan Bell was:
Portrait of Tom DahlgrenTom Dahlgren
District Attorney
Tom Dahlgren was:
Portrait of Daniel QuinnDaniel Quinn
Ted Gates
Daniel Quinn was:
Portrait of David L. CrowleyDavid L. Crowley
Trick in Car
David L. Crowley was:
Portrait of Mark RolstonMark Rolston
Man in Bar
Mark Rolston was:
Portrait of Russell CurryRussell Curry
Bartender Mills
Russell Curry was:
Portrait of Pete AnticoPete Antico
Vice Cop in Bar
Pete Antico was:
Portrait of Karl Anthony SmithKarl Anthony Smith
Gas Station Attendant
Karl Anthony Smith was:
Portrait of Paul AcernoPaul Acerno
Junkie in Apartment
Paul Acerno was:
Portrait of Maria RangelMaria Rangel
Maria Rangel was:
Portrait of Don RuffinDon Ruffin
Munoff's Bodyguard
Don Ruffin was:
Portrait of Cliff McLaughlinCliff McLaughlin
Munoff's Bodyguard
Cliff McLaughlin was:
Portrait of Paul A. CalabriaPaul A. Calabria
Man with Dog
Paul A. Calabria was:
Portrait of Valente RodriguezValente Rodriguez
Valente Rodriguez was:
Portrait of Ronald L. ColbyRonald L. Colby
Liquor Store Clerk
Ronald L. Colby was:
Portrait of Robert PhalenRobert Phalen
Robert Phalen was:
Portrait of Douglas RoweDouglas Rowe
Douglas Rowe was:
Portrait of Wendy GordonWendy Gordon
TV Reporter
Wendy Gordon was:
Portrait of Jerry DunphyJerry Dunphy
TV Anchorman
Jerry Dunphy was:
Portrait of Jerry MartinezJerry Martinez
Vice Cop at Motel
Jerry Martinez was:
Portrait of Peder MelhusePeder Melhuse
Vice Cop at Motel
Peder Melhuse was:
Portrait of Sorin Serene PricopieSorin Serene Pricopie
Columbian Drug Dealer
Sorin Serene Pricopie was:
Portrait of Thomas Rosales Jr.Thomas Rosales Jr.
Columbian Drug Dealer
Thomas Rosales Jr. was:
Portrait of Elaine KaganElaine Kagan
Stan's Receptionist
Elaine Kagan was:
Portrait of Michael McCleeryMichael McCleery
Punk Delivering Flowers
Michael McCleery was:
Portrait of James EdgcombJames Edgcomb
Cop Behind Safe House
James Edgcomb was:
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