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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct

Release Date: 1992-03-20 (30 years ago)
Portrait of Michael DouglasMichael Douglas
Det. Nick Curran
Michael Douglas was:
Portrait of Sharon StoneSharon Stone
Catherine Tramell
Sharon Stone was:
Portrait of George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
Gus Moran
George Dzundza was:
Portrait of Jeanne TripplehornJeanne Tripplehorn
Dr. Beth Garner
Jeanne Tripplehorn was:
Portrait of Leilani SarelleLeilani Sarelle
Leilani Sarelle was:
Portrait of Denis ArndtDenis Arndt
Lt. Philip Walker
Denis Arndt was:
Portrait of Bruce A. YoungBruce A. Young
Bruce A. Young was:
Portrait of Chelcie RossChelcie Ross
Capt. Talcott
Chelcie Ross was:
Portrait of Dorothy MaloneDorothy Malone
Hazel Dobkins
Dorothy Malone was:
Portrait of Wayne KnightWayne Knight
John Correli
Wayne Knight was:
Portrait of Daniel von BargenDaniel von Bargen
Lt. Marty Nilsen
Daniel von Bargen was:
Portrait of Stephen TobolowskyStephen Tobolowsky
Dr. Lamott
Stephen Tobolowsky was:
Portrait of Benjamin MoutonBenjamin Mouton
Benjamin Mouton was:
Portrait of Jack McGeeJack McGee
Jack McGee was:
Portrait of Bill CableBill Cable
Johnny Boz
Bill Cable was:
Portrait of Stephen RoweStephen Rowe
Internal Affairs Investigator
Stephen Rowe was:
Portrait of Mitch PileggiMitch Pileggi
Internal Affairs Investigator
Mitch Pileggi was:
Portrait of Mary Pat GleasonMary Pat Gleason
Juvenile Officer
Mary Pat Gleason was:
Portrait of Freda Foh ShenFreda Foh Shen
Berkeley Registrar
Freda Foh Shen was:
Portrait of William Duff-GriffinWilliam Duff-Griffin
Dr. Myron
William Duff-Griffin was:
Portrait of James RebhornJames Rebhorn
Dr. McElwaine
James Rebhorn was:
Portrait of David WellsDavid Wells
Polygraph Examiner
David Wells was:
Portrait of Mary Ann RodgersMary Ann Rodgers
Mary Ann Rodgers was:
Portrait of Adilah BarnesAdilah Barnes
Adilah Barnes was:
Portrait of Irene Olga LópezIrene Olga López
Irene Olga López was:
Portrait of Juanita JenningsJuanita Jennings
Juanita Jennings was:
Portrait of Craig C. LewisCraig C. Lewis
Bartender / Police Bar
Craig C. Lewis was:
Portrait of Michael David LallyMichael David Lally
Michael David Lally was:
Portrait of Peter AppelPeter Appel
Peter Appel was:
Portrait of Michael HaltonMichael Halton
Bartender / Country Western Bar
Michael Halton was:
Portrait of Keith McDanielKeith McDaniel
Featured Dancer
Keith McDaniel was:
Portrait of Eric PoppickEric Poppick
Coroner's Guy
Eric Poppick was:
Portrait of Ron CacasRon Cacas
Ron Cacas was:
Portrait of Kayla BlakeKayla Blake
Roxy's Friend
Kayla Blake was:
Portrait of Bradford EnglishBradford English
Campus Policeman
Bradford English was:
Portrait of Ashlyn GereAshlyn Gere
Body Double
Ashlyn Gere was:
Portrait of Jeanne BasoneJeanne Basone
Jeanne Basone was:
Portrait of Doreen Foo CroftDoreen Foo Croft
Doreen Foo Croft was:
Portrait of Christa ConnorChrista Connor
Disco Patron
Christa Connor was:
Portrait of Anne LockhartAnne Lockhart
Disco Patron
Anne Lockhart was:
Portrait of Patricia Anne Isgate-HaywardPatricia Anne Isgate-Hayward
Patricia Anne Isgate-Hayward was:
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