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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mandrake the Magician

Mandrake the Magician

Release Date: 1939-05-06 (82 years ago)
Warren Hull
Mandrake the Magician
Warren Hull was:
Doris Weston
Betty Houston
Doris Weston was:
Al Kikume
Al Kikume was:
Rex Downing
Tommy Houston
Rex Downing was:
Edward Earle
Dr. Andre Bennett
Edward Earle was:
Forbes Murray
Professor Houston
Forbes Murray was:
Kenneth MacDonald
James Webster
Kenneth MacDonald was:
Don Beddoe
Frank Raymond
Don Beddoe was:
Dick Curtis
Dick Curtis was:
John Tyrrell
John Tyrrell was:
Stanley Brown
Stanley Brown was:
Beatrice Curtis
Rest Home Nurse
Beatrice Curtis was:
Robert Sterling
Robert Sterling was:
Sam Ash
George Regan
Sam Ash was:
Lester Dorr
Lester Dorr was:
Ernie Adams
Ernie Adams was:
Eddie Fetherston
Rest Home Henchman
Eddie Fetherston was:
Eddie Foster
Eddie Foster was:
Knox Manning
Knox Manning was:
Ernie Alexander
Ernie Alexander was:
Harry Bernard
Construction Camp Watchman
Harry Bernard was:
Stanley Blystone
Henchman CX12
Stanley Blystone was:
Buel Bryant
Rest Home & Ironworks Henchman
Buel Bryant was:
Budd Buster
Construction Camp Henchman
Budd Buster was:
George Chesebro
George Chesebro was:
Charles Dorety
Mill River Inn Henchman
Charles Dorety was:
Jerry Frank
Harper Drive Henchman
Jerry Frank was:
Kit Guard
Powerhouse Henchman
Kit Guard was:
Frank Hagney
Frank Hagney was:
Chuck Hamilton
Bank Henchman
Chuck Hamilton was:
Eddie Hart
Eddie Hart was:
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Powerhouse Henchman
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian was:
Jerry Jerome
Jerry Jerome was:
Eddie Laughton
Kidnapping Henchman
Eddie Laughton was:
Tom London
Mill River Inn Henchman
Tom London was:
Stanley Mack
Roadster Henchman
Stanley Mack was:
Pat McKee
Dam Henchman
Pat McKee was:
Charles McMurphy
Construction Foreman
Charles McMurphy was:
Frank Mills
Gas Station Hitman
Frank Mills was:
Art Mix
Ironworks Henchman
Art Mix was:
Eddie Parker
Eddie Parker was:
Ralph Peters
Mohawk Steward-Henchman
Ralph Peters was:
Rose Plumer
Ship Passenger
Rose Plumer was:
Cyril Ring
Magic Mart Henchman
Cyril Ring was:
Cy Schindell
Bank Henchman
Cy Schindell was:
Charles Sherlock
Ship Henchman
Charles Sherlock was:
Reginald Simpson
Reginald Simpson was:
Tom Steele
Powerhouse Henchman
Tom Steele was:
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan was:
Harry Tenbrook
Harry Tenbrook was:
George Turner
George Turner was:
Frank Wayne
Frank Wayne was:
Blackie Whiteford
Construction Camp Henchman
Blackie Whiteford was:
Bud Wolfe
Tower Henchman
Bud Wolfe was:
Bert Young
Rest Home Henchman
Bert Young was:
Steve Clark
Henchman (uncredited)
Steve Clark was:
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