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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

It Happened in Hollywood

It Happened in Hollywood

Release Date: 1937-09-07 (83 years ago)
Richard Dix
Tim Bart
Richard Dix was:
Fay Wray
Gloria Gay
Fay Wray was:
Victor Kilian
Victor Kilian was:
Franklin Pangborn
Mr. Forsythe
Franklin Pangborn was:
Charles Arnt
Jed Reed
Charles Arnt was:
Granville Bates
Sam Bennett
Granville Bates was:
William B. Davidson
Al Howard
William B. Davidson was:
Arthur Loft
Arthur Loft was:
Edgar Dearing
Joe Stevens
Edgar Dearing was:
James Donlan
James Donlan was:
Bill Burrud
Billy - The Kid
Bill Burrud was:
Zeffie Tilbury
Miss Gordon
Zeffie Tilbury was:
Harold Goodwin
Harold Goodwin was:
Charles Brinley
Charles Brinley was:
Zeni Vatori
Joe Spogoli
Zeni Vatori was:
Wade Boteler
Wade Boteler was:
Helen Brown
Helen Brown was:
Mary Jane Temple
Mary Jane Temple was:
Robert Chisholm
Robert Chisholm was:
Zita Moulton
Zita Moulton was:
Tom Chatterton
Bank Manager
Tom Chatterton was:
Byron Foulger
Byron Foulger was:
Sam McDaniel
Black Porter
Sam McDaniel was:
Miki Morita
Japanese Gardener
Miki Morita was:
Arthur Wanzer
Arthur Wanzer was:
D'Arcy Corrigan
Shakespearean Actor
D'Arcy Corrigan was:
Scotty Beckett
Scotty Beckett was:
Delmar Watson
Delmar Watson was:
Tommy Bupp
Tommy Bupp was:
Fred Walburn
Fred Walburn was:
Wally Albright
Wally Albright was:
Sammy McKim
Sammy McKim was:
Richard Terry
Bank Robber / Driver
Richard Terry was:
George Chesebro
Bank Robber
George Chesebro was:
Eddie Laughton
Bank Robber
Eddie Laughton was:
Don Brodie
Don - Sound Man Don
Don Brodie was:
Eddie Fetherston
Eddie - Assistant Director
Eddie Fetherston was:
Beatrice Curtis
Eleanor - Script Girl
Beatrice Curtis was:
Edward Hearn
Edward Hearn was:
Lucille Lund
American Girl
Lucille Lund was:
Harry Strang
Joe Pratt
Harry Strang was:
John Tyrrell
John Tyrrell was:
Cyril Ring
Rudy - Cameraman
Cyril Ring was:
Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis was:
Georgie Billings
Tough Boy
Georgie Billings was:
Billy Wolfstone
Fat Boy
Billy Wolfstone was:
Alexander Palasthy
Alexander Palasthy was:
Francis Sayles
Francis Sayles was:
C.L. Sherwood
C.L. Sherwood was:
Bruce Sidney
Bank Manager
Bruce Sidney was:
Philip Waldron
Clark Gable
Philip Waldron was:
Doc Dearborn
William Powell
Doc Dearborn was:
Bob O'Keefe
James Cagney
Bob O'Keefe was:
Joan Beauchamp
Myrna Loy
Joan Beauchamp was:
Margaret Wormser
Loretta Young
Margaret Wormser was:
John Bohn
John Barrymore
John Bohn was:
Arthur McLaglen
Victor McLaglen
Arthur McLaglen was:
James May
W.C. Fields
James May was:
Eugene DeVerdi
Charles Chaplin
Eugene DeVerdi was:
Charles Dow Clark
Joe E. Brown
Charles Dow Clark was:
Virginia Rendell
Mae West
Virginia Rendell was:
Carol Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich
Carol Dietrich was:
Frankie Farr
Eddie Cantor
Frankie Farr was:
Earl Haddon
Bing Crosby
Earl Haddon was:
Berna Mack
Claudette Colbert
Berna Mack was:
Don Eddy
Dancing Fred Astaire
Don Eddy was:
Lillian Tours
Dancing Ginger Rogers
Lillian Tours was:
Beatrice Coleman
Ginger Rogers
Beatrice Coleman was:
Betty Dietrich
Greta Garbo
Betty Dietrich was:
Colleen Bawn
Young Girl
Colleen Bawn was:
Ralph Brooks
Interne in Children's Ward
Ralph Brooks was:
James Conaty
Party Guest
James Conaty was:
Lester Dorr
Lester Dorr was:
Bruce Grant
Bruce Grant was:
Roderick Grant
Roderick Grant was:
Paul Hilton
Boy (uncredited)
Paul Hilton was:
Edward LeSaint
Edward LeSaint was:
Jack Low
Jack Low was:
George Magrill
George Magrill was:
Pat McCall
Pat McCall was:
Marilyn Milner
Little Girl
Marilyn Milner was:
Billy Smith
Billy Smith was:
Bobs Watson
Bobs Watson was:
Richard Holland
Richard Holland was:
Charles Williams
Hymie - Photographer
Charles Williams was:
Frank Brown
Harold Lloyd
Frank Brown was:
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