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Custer's Last Stand (II)

Custer's Last Stand (II)

Release Date: 1936-04-02 (85 years ago)
Rex Lease
Kit Cardigan / John C. Cardigan
Rex Lease was:
Nancy Caswell
Barbara Trent
Nancy Caswell was:
Reed Howes
Tom 'Keen' Blade
Reed Howes was:
Frank McGlynn Jr.
Gen. George A. Custer
Frank McGlynn Jr. was:
George Chesebro
Lt. . Frank Roberts
George Chesebro was:
Lona Andre
Belle Mead
Lona Andre was:
Josef Swickard
Maj. Henry Trent MD
Josef Swickard was:
Bobby Nelson
Bobby Trent
Bobby Nelson was:
Milburn Morante
Buckskin - Scout
Milburn Morante was:
Chief Thundercloud
Yellow Wolf
Chief Thundercloud was:
Robert Walker
Henchman Pete
Robert Walker was:
William Farnum
James Fitzpatrick
William Farnum was:
Jack Mulhall
Lt. Cook
Jack Mulhall was:
Ruth Mix
Mrs. Elizabeth Custer
Ruth Mix was:
Howling Wolf
Chief Sitting Bull
Howling Wolf was:
High Eagle
Chief Crazy Horse
High Eagle was:
Iron Eyes Cody
Chief Brown Fox
Iron Eyes Cody was:
Walter James
Judge Hooker
Walter James was:
Dorothy Gulliver
Red Fawn
Dorothy Gulliver was:
Ted Adams
Buffalo Bill / Henchman Barney
Ted Adams was:
George Morrell
Sgt. Flanagan
George Morrell was:
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