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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Badman's Territory

Badman's Territory

Release Date: 1946-05-04 (75 years ago)
Randolph Scott
Sheriff Mark Rowley
Randolph Scott was:
Ann Richards
Henryetta Alcott
Ann Richards was:
George 'Gabby' Hayes
Honest Jim Badger / The Coyote Kid
George 'Gabby' Hayes was:
Ray Collins
Colonel Farewell / Narrator
Ray Collins was:
James Warren
Deputy John Rowley
James Warren was:
Morgan Conway
Captain William 'Bill' Hampton
Morgan Conway was:
Virginia Sale
Virginia Sale was:
John Halloran
Hank 'Mac' McGee
John Halloran was:
Andrew Tombes
Doc Quillan
Andrew Tombes was:
Richard Hale
Ben Wade
Richard Hale was:
Harry Holman
Harry Holman was:
Chief Thundercloud
Chief Tahlequah
Chief Thundercloud was:
Lawrence Tierney
Jesse James
Lawrence Tierney was:
Tom Tyler
Frank James
Tom Tyler was:
Steve Brodie
Bob Dalton
Steve Brodie was:
Phil Warren
Grat Dalton
Phil Warren was:
William Moss
Bill Dalton
William Moss was:
Nestor Paiva
Sam Bass
Nestor Paiva was:
Isabel Jewell
Belle Starr
Isabel Jewell was:
Fred Aldrich
Townsman at Dance (uncredited)
Fred Aldrich was:
John Barton
Townsman (uncredited)
John Barton was:
Bonnie Blair
Daisy (uncredited)
Bonnie Blair was:
Phil Bloom
Townsman (uncredited)
Phil Bloom was:
Chet Brandenburg
Townsman (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg was:
Budd Buster
Doc's Friend (uncredited)
Budd Buster was:
George Chesebro
Johnny (uncredited)
George Chesebro was:
Jack Rube Clifford
Team Owner (uncredited)
Jack Rube Clifford was:
Tex Cooper
Tex (uncredited)
Tex Cooper was:
Russell Custer
Townsman (uncredited)
Russell Custer was:
John Elliott
Brother Hooker (uncredited)
John Elliott was:
Carl Faulkner
Deputy Marshal (uncredited)
Carl Faulkner was:
Art Felix
Townsman (uncredited)
Art Felix was:
Ben Frommer
Townsman (uncredited)
Ben Frommer was:
Clem Fuller
Townsman (uncredited)
Clem Fuller was:
Herman Hack
Townsman (uncredited)
Herman Hack was:
Chuck Hamilton
Indian (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton was:
John Hamilton
Commissioner Taylor (uncredited)
John Hamilton was:
Carl Eric Hansen
Bill Doolin (uncredited)
Carl Eric Hansen was:
Neal Hart
Townsman (uncredited)
Neal Hart was:
Harry Harvey
Stationmaster (uncredited)
Harry Harvey was:
Robert Homans
Judge (uncredited)
Robert Homans was:
Ben Johnson
Deputy Marshal (uncredited)
Ben Johnson was:
Ethan Laidlaw
Lt. Patton (uncredited)
Ethan Laidlaw was:
Frank LaRue
Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Frank LaRue was:
Elmo Lincoln
Dick Broadwell (uncredited)
Elmo Lincoln was:
Theodore Lorch
Citizen's Committee Member (uncredited)
Theodore Lorch was:
Jack Low
Cowboy (uncredited)
Jack Low was:
Wilbur Mack
Cattle Baron (uncredited)
Wilbur Mack was:
Kermit Maynard
Carson (uncredited)
Kermit Maynard was:
Glenn McCarthy
Charles Bryant (uncredited)
Glenn McCarthy was:
Frank Meredith
Deputy Marshal (uncredited)
Frank Meredith was:
Robert Milasch
Townsman (uncredited)
Robert Milasch was:
Frank Mills
Townsman (uncredited)
Frank Mills was:
Monte Montague
Bartender / Scoreboard-Watcher (uncredited)
Monte Montague was:
Alex Montoya
Indian (uncredited)
Alex Montoya was:
Philip Morris
Deputy Allen (uncredited)
Philip Morris was:
Elmer Napier
Dan (uncredited)
Elmer Napier was:
William J. O'Brien
Man in Barber Chair (uncredited)
William J. O'Brien was:
Frank O'Connor
Townsman (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor was:
Lillian O'Malley
Townswoman (uncredited)
Lillian O'Malley was:
Artie Ortego
Townsman (uncredited)
Artie Ortego was:
Bud Osborne
Dep. Dan Mercer (uncredited)
Bud Osborne was:
Tex Parker
Townsman (uncredited)
Tex Parker was:
Emory Parnell
Bitter Creek (uncredited)
Emory Parnell was:
Charles Perry
Townsman (uncredited)
Charles Perry was:
Frank Pharr
Joe (uncredited)
Frank Pharr was:
'Snub' Pollard
Town Barber (uncredited)
'Snub' Pollard was:
Bob Reeves
Townsman (uncredited)
Bob Reeves was:
Jason Robards Sr.
Alert Coffeyville Citizen (uncredited)
Jason Robards Sr. was:
Robert Robinson
Townsman (uncredited)
Robert Robinson was:
Buddy Roosevelt
Lt. Lake (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt was:
John Roy
Townsman (uncredited)
John Roy was:
Sherman Sanders
Caller (uncredited)
Sherman Sanders was:
Harry Semels
Bettor (uncredited)
Harry Semels was:
Boyd Stockman
William McElheney (uncredited)
Boyd Stockman was:
Brick Sullivan
Deputy Marshal (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan was:
Jack Tornek
Townsman (uncredited)
Jack Tornek was:
Robert Walker
Juror (uncredited)
Robert Walker was:
Larry Wheat
Custer (uncredited)
Larry Wheat was:
Dave White
Deputy Marshal (uncredited)
Dave White was:
Robert J. Wilke
Deputy Marshal (uncredited)
Robert J. Wilke was:
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