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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts

Release Date: Wednesday, June 19 1963 (59 years ago)
Portrait of Todd ArmstrongTodd Armstrong
Todd Armstrong was:
Portrait of Nancy KovackNancy Kovack
Nancy Kovack was:
Portrait of Gary RaymondGary Raymond
Gary Raymond was:
Portrait of Laurence NaismithLaurence Naismith
Laurence Naismith was:
Portrait of Niall MacGinnisNiall MacGinnis
Niall MacGinnis was:
Portrait of Michael GwynnMichael Gwynn
Michael Gwynn was:
Portrait of Douglas WilmerDouglas Wilmer
Douglas Wilmer was:
Portrait of Jack GwillimJack Gwillim
King Aeetes
Jack Gwillim was:
Portrait of Honor BlackmanHonor Blackman
Honor Blackman was:
Portrait of John CairneyJohn Cairney
John Cairney was:
Portrait of Patrick TroughtonPatrick Troughton
Patrick Troughton was:
Portrait of Andrew FauldsAndrew Faulds
Andrew Faulds was:
Portrait of Nigel GreenNigel Green
Nigel Green was:
Portrait of John CrawfordJohn Crawford
Polydeuces (uncredited)
John Crawford was:
Portrait of Ferdinando PoggiFerdinando Poggi
Castor of Sparta (uncredited)
Ferdinando Poggi was:
Portrait of Ennio AntonelliEnnio Antonelli
Dmitrius, Drummer on Argo (uncredited)
Ennio Antonelli was:
Portrait of Harold BradleyHarold Bradley
Guard in Palace (uncredited)
Harold Bradley was:
Portrait of Aldo CristianiAldo Cristiani
Lynceus (uncredited)
Aldo Cristiani was:
Portrait of Eva HaddonEva Haddon
Medea (voice) (uncredited)
Eva Haddon was:
Portrait of Doug RobinsonDoug Robinson
Eupaemus (uncredited)
Doug Robinson was:
Portrait of Davina TaylorDavina Taylor
Briseis (uncredited)
Davina Taylor was:
Portrait of Tim TurnerTim Turner
Jason (voice) (uncredited)
Tim Turner was:
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