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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of K-9: P.I.

K-9: P.I.

Release Date: Tuesday, July 30 2002 (20 years ago)
Portrait of Jim BelushiJim Belushi
Mike Dooley
Jim Belushi was:
Portrait of Gary BasarabaGary Basaraba
Pete Timmons
Gary Basaraba was:
Portrait of Jody RacicotJody Racicot
Jody Racicot was:
Portrait of Blu MankumaBlu Mankuma
Captain Thomas
Blu Mankuma was:
Portrait of Christopher ShyerChristopher Shyer
Charles Thyer
Christopher Shyer was:
Portrait of Barbara TysonBarbara Tyson
Barbara Tyson was:
Portrait of Jason SchombingJason Schombing
Carlos Cuesta
Jason Schombing was:
Portrait of Kevin DurandKevin Durand
Agent Verner
Kevin Durand was:
Portrait of KingKing
Jerry Lee
King was:
Portrait of Matthew BennettMatthew Bennett
Agent Henry
Matthew Bennett was:
Portrait of Terry ChenTerry Chen
Terry Chen was:
Portrait of Michael EklundMichael Eklund
Billy Cochran
Michael Eklund was:
Portrait of Sarah CarterSarah Carter
Sarah Carter was:
Portrait of G. Michael GrayG. Michael Gray
G. Michael Gray was:
Portrait of David LewisDavid Lewis
Jack Von Jarvis
David Lewis was:
Portrait of Jay BrazeauJay Brazeau
Dr. Tilley
Jay Brazeau was:
Portrait of Duncan FraserDuncan Fraser
Frankie the Fence
Duncan Fraser was:
Portrait of Natassia MaltheNatassia Malthe
Dirty Dancer
Natassia Malthe was:
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