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Junge Frau von 1914

Junge Frau von 1914

Release Date: 1970-01-17 (51 years ago)
Jutta Hoffmann
Leonore Wahl
Jutta Hoffmann was:
Klaus Piontek
Werner Bertin
Klaus Piontek was:
Inge Keller
Mathilde Wahl
Inge Keller was:
Fred Düren
Hugo Wahl
Fred Düren was:
Martin Flörchinger
Markus Wahl
Martin Flörchinger was:
Thomas Wolff
David Wahl
Thomas Wolff was:
Heidemarie Wenzel
Paula Weber
Heidemarie Wenzel was:
Erwin Nowiaszek
Erwin Nowiaszek was:
Zofia Rysiówna
Frau Kampfeneder
Zofia Rysiówna was:
Elsa Grube-Deister
Frau Pahl
Elsa Grube-Deister was:
Manfred Krug
Wilhem Pahl
Manfred Krug was:
Ruth Kommerell
Bertins Mutter
Ruth Kommerell was:
Johannes Wieke
Bertins Vater
Johannes Wieke was:
Norbert Christian
Norbert Christian was:
Jürgen Holtz
Jürgen Holtz was:
Tessy Fehring-Bortfeld
Tessy Fehring-Bortfeld was:
Winfried Glatzeder
Winfried Glatzeder was:
Friedrich Teitge
Friedrich Teitge was:
Carmen-Maja Antoni
Schwester Mieze
Carmen-Maja Antoni was:
Fred Delmare
Gefreiter Diel
Fred Delmare was:
Gerry Wolff
Dr. Lederer
Gerry Wolff was:
Angela Brunner
Angela Brunner was:
Kurt Kachlicki
Kurt Kachlicki was:
Otto Busse
Otto Busse was:
Sepp Klose
Sepp Klose was:
Heinz Laggies
Heinz Laggies was:
Walter Lendrich
Walter Lendrich was:
Wolfgang Pampel
Wolfgang Pampel was:
Horst Papke
Horst Papke was:
Maria Rouvel
Maria Rouvel was:
Willi Schwabe
Willi Schwabe was:
Kurt Sperling
Kurt Sperling was:
Jan Spitzer
Jan Spitzer was:
Ernst Steiner
Ernst Steiner was:
Hanna Rieger
Hanna Rieger was:
Günter Sonnenberg
Günter Sonnenberg was:
Wolfgang Greese
Wolfgang Greese was:
Rolf Ripperger
Rolf Ripperger was:
Lothar Förster
Lothar Förster was:
Rosa Lotze
Rosa Lotze was:
Ilse Bastubbe
Ilse Bastubbe was:
Otto-Erich Edenharter
Otto-Erich Edenharter was:
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