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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Swing Fever

Swing Fever

Release Date: 1943-11-01 (77 years ago)
Kay Kyser
Lowell Blackford
Kay Kyser was:
Marilyn Maxwell
Ginger Gray
Marilyn Maxwell was:
William Gargan
'Waltzy' Malone
William Gargan was:
Nat Pendleton
'Killer' Kennedy
Nat Pendleton was:
Lena Horne
Lena Horne was:
Harry James
Harry James
Harry James was:
Tommy Dorsey
Tommy Dorsey was:
Curt Bois
Nick Sirocco
Curt Bois was:
Morris Ankrum
Dan Conlon
Morris Ankrum was:
Mantan Moreland
Mantan Moreland was:
Maxie Rosenbloom
Maxie Rosenbloom was:
Andrew Tombes
Dr. Clyde L. Star
Andrew Tombes was:
Pamela Blake
Pamela Blake was:
George Chandler
Hamburger Vendor
George Chandler was:
Chester Clute
Chester Clute was:
Harry Babbitt
Vocalist with Kay Kyser Orchestra
Harry Babbitt was:
Sully Mason
Sully Mason was:
M.A. Bogue
Ish Kabibble (as Ish Kabibble)
M.A. Bogue was:
Julie Conway
Julie Conway was:
Trudy Erwin
Trudy Erwin was:
Clyde Fillmore
Mr. Nagen
Clyde Fillmore was:
Lou Nova
Kid Mandell
Lou Nova was:
Jack Roper
Jack Roper was:
M.A. Bogue
Ish Kabibble
M.A. Bogue was:
Ernie Alexander
Concessionaire (uncredited)
Ernie Alexander was:
Murray Alper
Burly Attentant (uncredited)
Murray Alper was:
King Baggot
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
King Baggot was:
Bobby Barber
Soft Drink Vendor (uncredited)
Bobby Barber was:
William Bishop
Soldier with Autograph Book (uncredited)
William Bishop was:
Karin Booth
Girl (uncredited)
Karin Booth was:
Jack Byron
Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Jack Byron was:
Wally Cassell
Cassidy - Soldier (uncredited)
Wally Cassell was:
George Chandler
Hamburger Vendor (uncredited)
George Chandler was:
Jack Chefe
Headwaiter (uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
Chester Clute
Mr. Milbane, Manager of Telephone Company (uncredited)
Chester Clute was:
Billy Coe
Boxing Timekeeper (uncredited)
Billy Coe was:
Donald Curtis
Reporter (uncredited)
Donald Curtis was:
Sayre Dearing
Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Sayre Dearing was:
Henri DeSoto
Waiter (uncredited)
Henri DeSoto was:
Earle S. Dewey
Rotund Man (uncredited)
Earle S. Dewey was:
Tommy Dorsey
Tommy Dorsey (uncredited)
Tommy Dorsey was:
Ormon Downes
Drummer (uncredited)
Ormon Downes was:
Johnny Duncan
Dancer, USO Sailor (uncredited)
Johnny Duncan was:
Jay Eaton
Dancer (uncredited)
Jay Eaton was:
Mary Elliott
Mrs. Cassidy (uncredited)
Mary Elliott was:
Virginia Engels
Blonde (uncredited)
Virginia Engels was:
Harry Fleischmann
Spectator (uncredited)
Harry Fleischmann was:
Art Foster
Fighter (uncredited)
Art Foster was:
Don Gallaher
Dancer, One Girl and Two Boys Number (uncredited)
Don Gallaher was:
Ava Gardner
Receptionist (uncredited)
Ava Gardner was:
Russell Gleason
Sergeant (uncredited)
Russell Gleason was:
Henry Golden
Fighter (uncredited)
Henry Golden was:
Frank Hagney
Bag Puncher (uncredited)
Frank Hagney was:
Tom Hanlon
Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Tom Hanlon was:
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Killer's Second (uncredited)
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian was:
James Horne Jr.
USO Soldier (uncredited)
James Horne Jr. was:
Harry James
Harry James (uncredited)
Harry James was:
Duke Johnson
Juggler (uncredited)
Duke Johnson was:
Henry Jordan
Rope Jumper (uncredited)
Henry Jordan was:
Jack Lambert
Jack (Conlon's Henchman) (uncredited)
Jack Lambert was:
George Levine
Second (uncredited)
George Levine was:
George Magrill
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
George Magrill was:
Laura Mason
Singer (uncredited)
Laura Mason was:
Mike Mazurki
Wrestler (uncredited)
Mike Mazurki was:
Pat McKee
Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Pat McKee was:
Mary McLeod
Chief Operator, Supervisor (uncredited)
Mary McLeod was:
Harold Miller
Man in Music Publisher's Office (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Mantan Moreland
Woody, Nick's Valet (uncredited)
Mantan Moreland was:
Edmund Mortimer
Man in Gym (uncredited)
Edmund Mortimer was:
Ernest Newton
Singer, Mississippi Dream Boat Number (uncredited)
Ernest Newton was:
Anne O'Neal
Miss Malcott (uncredited)
Anne O'Neal was:
Tom Quinn
Trainer (uncredited)
Tom Quinn was:
Lorin Raker
Man in Gym (uncredited)
Lorin Raker was:
Virginia Rees
Singer (uncredited)
Virginia Rees was:
Cyril Ring
Man Entering Club (uncredited)
Cyril Ring was:
Abe Roth
Referee (uncredited)
Abe Roth was:
Charles Schaeffer
Man on Bar (uncredited)
Charles Schaeffer was:
Ward Shattuck
Juggler (uncredited)
Ward Shattuck was:
Lennie Smith
Dancer, One Girl and Two Boys Number (uncredited)
Lennie Smith was:
Freddie Steele
Fighter (uncredited)
Freddie Steele was:
Sammy Stein
Wrestler (uncredited)
Sammy Stein was:
Charles Sullivan
Cop at Ringside (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan was:
Dan Tobey
Announcer (uncredited)
Dan Tobey was:
Celia Travers
Telephone Operator (uncredited)
Celia Travers was:
Jean Veloz
Girl Dancer, One Girl and Two Boys Number (uncredited)
Jean Veloz was:
Jack West
Fighter (uncredited)
Jack West was:
Don Whittaker
Bass Fiddler (uncredited)
Don Whittaker was:
Kay Williams
First Receptionist, Music Publisher (uncredited)
Kay Williams was:
Harry Wilson
Killer's Second (uncredited)
Harry Wilson was:
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