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Gentleman Joe Palooka

Gentleman Joe Palooka

Release Date: 1946-10-05 (74 years ago)
Leon Errol
Knobby Walsh
Leon Errol was:
Joe Kirkwood, Jr.
Joe Palooka
Joe Kirkwood, Jr. was:
Guy Kibbee
Uncle Charlie
Guy Kibbee was:
Elyse Knox
Anne Howe
Elyse Knox was:
Lionel Stander
Harry Mitchell
Lionel Stander was:
H.B. Warner
Sen. McCarden
H.B. Warner was:
Stanley Prager
Stanley Prager was:
Warren Hymer
Louie - Sparring Partner
Warren Hymer was:
Richard Lane
Richard Lane was:
Cliff Nazarro
First Character
Cliff Nazarro was:
Fritz Feld
Club Steward
Fritz Feld was:
Sarah Padden
Mom Palooka
Sarah Padden was:
Louis Jean Heydt
Louis Jean Heydt was:
Freddie Steele
Freddie Steele
Freddie Steele was:
Tom Harmon
Tommy Harmon (as Tommy Harmon)
Tom Harmon was:
Roy Atwell
Senator Sam H. Smiley
Roy Atwell was:
Ian Wolfe
Editor W.W. Dwight
Ian Wolfe was:
Sam McDaniel
Smoky - Second
Sam McDaniel was:
Eddie Gribbon
Ziggy - Sparring Partner
Eddie Gribbon was:
Marie Blake
Marie Blake was:
Jack Roper
Waldo - Sparring Partner
Jack Roper was:
Roger Daniel
Steve Palooka
Roger Daniel was:
Dick Fishell
Dick Fishell - Sportswriter
Dick Fishell was:
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