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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

Release Date: Monday, May 23 1949 (73 years ago)
Portrait of Patricia RocPatricia Roc
Penelope Belman
Patricia Roc was:
Portrait of Nigel PatrickNigel Patrick
Roger Cavendish
Nigel Patrick was:
Portrait of Stanley HollowayStanley Holloway
Stanley Holloway was:
Portrait of Miles MallesonMiles Malleson
Prof. Ernest Belman
Miles Malleson was:
Portrait of Irene HandlIrene Handl
Mrs. Butters
Irene Handl was:
Portrait of Pamela DevisPamela Devis
Olga the Robotrix
Pamela Devis was:
Portrait of Philippa GillPhilippa Gill
Lady Mary Bromash
Philippa Gill was:
Portrait of Anita Sharp-BolsterAnita Sharp-Bolster
Lady Diana
Anita Sharp-Bolster was:
Portrait of Fred BergerFred Berger
Hotel Proprietor Farini
Fred Berger was:
Portrait of David HurstDavid Hurst
Wolfgang Wilhelm Winkel II (Swiss waiter)
David Hurst was:
Portrait of Jerry DesmondeJerry Desmonde
Dress Shop Owner
Jerry Desmonde was:
Portrait of Noel HowlettNoel Howlett
The Professor's Associate
Noel Howlett was:
Portrait of Jerry VernoJerry Verno
Drunk on Subway Platform
Jerry Verno was:
Portrait of Johnnie SchofieldJohnnie Schofield
Ticket Collector
Johnnie Schofield was:
Portrait of Dora BryanDora Bryan
Model in Shop
Dora Bryan was:
Portrait of Constance SmithConstance Smith
Constance Smith was:
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