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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of No Time for Flowers

No Time for Flowers

Release Date: Thursday, December 25 1952 (70 years ago)
Portrait of Viveca LindforsViveca Lindfors
Anna Svoboda
Viveca Lindfors was:
Portrait of Paul HubschmidPaul Hubschmid
Karl Marek (as Paul Christian)
Paul Hubschmid was:
Portrait of Ludwig StösselLudwig Stössel
Papa Svoboda
Ludwig Stössel was:
Portrait of Adrienne GessnerAdrienne Gessner
Mama Svoboda
Adrienne Gessner was:
Portrait of Peter PresesPeter Preses
Emil Dadak
Peter Preses was:
Portrait of Manfred IngerManfred Inger
Manfred Inger was:
Portrait of Peter CzejkePeter Czejke
Stefan Svoboda
Peter Czejke was:
Portrait of Fred BergerFred Berger
Anton Novotny
Fred Berger was:
Portrait of Oskar WegrostekOskar Wegrostek
Johann Burian
Oskar Wegrostek was:
Portrait of Helmut JanatschHelmut Janatsch
Helmut Janatsch was:
Portrait of Karl BachmannKarl Bachmann
Karl Bachmann was:
Portrait of Hilde JaegerHilde Jaeger
Mrs. Pilski
Hilde Jaeger was:
Portrait of Pepi Glöckner-KramerPepi Glöckner-Kramer
Flower Woman
Pepi Glöckner-Kramer was:
Portrait of Reinhold SeigertReinhold Seigert
Police Guard
Reinhold Seigert was:
Portrait of Willi SchumannWilli Schumann
Police Sergeant
Willi Schumann was:
Portrait of Ilka WindishIlka Windish
Woman Drunk
Ilka Windish was:
Portrait of Anton MitterwurzerAnton Mitterwurzer
Sedlacek (as Toni Mitterwurzer)
Anton Mitterwurzer was:
Portrait of Teo ProkopTeo Prokop
Czech peasant (as Theodore Prokop)
Teo Prokop was:
Portrait of Robert EckertRobert Eckert
Taxi driver (as Robert Eckertt)
Robert Eckert was:
Portrait of Peter BrandPeter Brand
First soldier
Peter Brand was:
Portrait of Karl SchwetterKarl Schwetter
Second soldier
Karl Schwetter was:
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