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Liberation: Direction of the Main Blow

Liberation: Direction of the Main Blow

Release Date: 1971-07-31 (49 years ago)
Mikhail Ulyanov
Maršál Žukov
Mikhail Ulyanov was:
Fritz Diez
Fritz Diez was:
Nikolay Olyalin
Nikolay Olyalin was:
Vladlen Davydov
Gen. Rokossovsky
Vladlen Davydov was:
Evgeni Burenkov
Gen. Vasilevsky
Evgeni Burenkov was:
Aleksandr Titov
Aleksandr Titov was:
Viktor Baykov
Vyacheslav Molotov
Viktor Baykov was:
Valentin Grachev
Valentin Grachev was:
Mikhail Nozhkin
Mikhail Nozhkin was:
Larisa Golubkina
Larisa Golubkina was:
Bukhuti Zakariadze
Bukhuti Zakariadze was:
Vasiliy Shukshin
Gen. Konev
Vasiliy Shukshin was:
Nikolai Rybnikov
Gen. Panov
Nikolai Rybnikov was:
Yury Durov
Sir Winston Churchill
Yury Durov was:
Vladislav Strzhelchik
Gen. Antonov
Vladislav Strzhelchik was:
Anatoli Romashin
Gen. Shatilov
Anatoli Romashin was:
Pyotr Shcherbakov
Gen. Telegin
Pyotr Shcherbakov was:
Ivan Pereverzev
Gen. Chuykov
Ivan Pereverzev was:
Sergei Kharchenko
Gen. Vatutin
Sergei Kharchenko was:
Dmitri Franko
Gen. Rybalko
Dmitri Franko was:
Nikolai Rushkovskiy
Gen. Moskalenko
Nikolai Rushkovskiy was:
Aleksandr Afanasev
Aleksandr Afanasev was:
Tõnu Aav
Tõnu Aav was:
Elizaveta Alekseeva
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elizaveta Alekseeva was:
Fred Alexander
Elyesa Bazna
Fred Alexander was:
Igrida Andrina
German woman begging for peace
Igrida Andrina was:
Viktor Avdyushko
Viktor Avdyushko was:
Iren Azer
Iren Azer was:
Aleksandr Barushnoy
Alan Brooke
Aleksandr Barushnoy was:
Manfred Bendik
Major Ernst John von Freyend
Manfred Bendik was:
Paul Berndt
Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim / Arthur Axmann
Paul Berndt was:
Max Bernhardt
Carl Friedrich Goerdeler
Max Bernhardt was:
Erno Bertoli
Pierre Pouyade
Erno Bertoli was:
Martha Beschort-Diez
Old Woman in Berlin
Martha Beschort-Diez was:
Nikolai Bogolyubov
Kliment Voroshilov
Nikolai Bogolyubov was:
Viktor Bortsov
Grigory Oriol
Viktor Bortsov was:
Barbara Brylska
Barbara Brylska was:
Georgi Burkov
Russian soldier
Georgi Burkov was:
Otto Busse
Heinz Linge
Otto Busse was:
Ralf Böhmke
Adolf Hamann
Ralf Böhmke was:
Otto Dierichs
Erwin von Witzleben
Otto Dierichs was:
Yuliya Dioshi
Magda Goebbels
Yuliya Dioshi was:
Werner Dissel
Alfred Jodl
Werner Dissel was:
Leonid Dovlatov
Sergei Galadzhev
Leonid Dovlatov was:
Yuriy Dubrovin
Yuriy Dubrovin was:
Jan Englert
Jan Englert was:
Nikolay Eryomenko
Josip Broz Tito
Nikolay Eryomenko was:
Olev Eskola
German Officer
Olev Eskola was:
Fritz Ernst Fechner
Heinz Brandt
Fritz Ernst Fechner was:
Ivo Garrani
Ivo Garrani was:
Vladimir Gerasimov
Vladimir Gerasimov was:
Erich Gerberding
Ernst Busch
Erich Gerberding was:
Horst Giese
Sapper Bruno Fermella / Joseph Goebbels
Horst Giese was:
Horst Gill
Otto Günsche
Horst Gill was:
Aleksey Glazyrin
Panteleimon Ponomarenko
Aleksey Glazyrin was:
Pyotr Glebov
Pyotr Glebov was:
Wienczysław Gliński
Wienczysław Gliński was:
Mikhail Gluzskiy
Sgt. Ryazhentsev
Mikhail Gluzskiy was:
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