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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of When Harry Met Sally...

When Harry Met Sally...

Release Date: Friday, July 21 1989 (33 years ago)
Portrait of Billy CrystalBilly Crystal
Harry Burns
Billy Crystal was:
Portrait of Meg RyanMeg Ryan
Sally Albright
Meg Ryan was:
Portrait of Carrie FisherCarrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher was:
Portrait of Bruno KirbyBruno Kirby
Bruno Kirby was:
Portrait of Steven FordSteven Ford
Steven Ford was:
Portrait of Lisa Jane PerskyLisa Jane Persky
Lisa Jane Persky was:
Portrait of Michelle NicastroMichelle Nicastro
Michelle Nicastro was:
Portrait of Gretchen PalmerGretchen Palmer
Gretchen Palmer was:
Portrait of Robert Alan BeuthRobert Alan Beuth
Man on Aisle
Robert Alan Beuth was:
Portrait of David BurdickDavid Burdick
9 Year Old Boy
David Burdick was:
Portrait of Joe VivianiJoe Viviani
Joe Viviani was:
Portrait of Harley Jane KozakHarley Jane Kozak
Harley Jane Kozak was:
Portrait of Joseph HuntJoseph Hunt
Waiter at Wedding
Joseph Hunt was:
Portrait of Kevin RooneyKevin Rooney
Kevin Rooney was:
Portrait of Franc LuzFranc Luz
Franc Luz was:
Portrait of Tracy ReinerTracy Reiner
Tracy Reiner was:
Portrait of Kyle T. HeffnerKyle T. Heffner
Kyle T. Heffner was:
Portrait of Kimberley LaMarqueKimberley LaMarque
Kimberley LaMarque was:
Portrait of Stacey KatzinStacey Katzin
Stacey Katzin was:
Portrait of Estelle ReinerEstelle Reiner
Older Woman Customer
Estelle Reiner was:
Portrait of John ArceriJohn Arceri
Christmas Tree Salesman
John Arceri was:
Portrait of Peter DayPeter Day
Joke Teller at Wedding
Peter Day was:
Portrait of Connie SawyerConnie Sawyer
Documentary Couple
Connie Sawyer was:
Portrait of Kuno SponholzKuno Sponholz
Documentary Couple
Kuno Sponholz was:
Portrait of Charles DuganCharles Dugan
Documentary Couple
Charles Dugan was:
Portrait of Katherine SquireKatherine Squire
Documentary Couple
Katherine Squire was:
Portrait of Al ChristyAl Christy
Documentary Couple
Al Christy was:
Portrait of Frances ChaneyFrances Chaney
Documentary Couple
Frances Chaney was:
Portrait of Bernie HernBernie Hern
Documentary Couple
Bernie Hern was:
Portrait of Rose WrightRose Wright
Documentary Couple
Rose Wright was:
Portrait of Aldo RossiAldo Rossi
Documentary Couple
Aldo Rossi was:
Portrait of Dona HardyDona Hardy
Documentary Couple
Dona Hardy was:
Portrait of Peter PanPeter Pan
Documentary Couple
Peter Pan was:
Portrait of Jane ChungJane Chung
Documentary Couple
Jane Chung was:
Portrait of Bob AderBob Ader
Tap Dancer (uncredited)
Bob Ader was:
Portrait of Jeff DlugoleckiJeff Dlugolecki
College Student (uncredited)
Jeff Dlugolecki was:
Portrait of Nicholas GlaeserNicholas Glaeser
Waiter (uncredited)
Nicholas Glaeser was:
Portrait of Randy JamesRandy James
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Randy James was:
Portrait of Stanley MooreStanley Moore
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Stanley Moore was:
Portrait of Larry ShermanLarry Sherman
Dinner (uncredited)
Larry Sherman was:
Portrait of Marilyn SpanierMarilyn Spanier
Tap Dancer (uncredited)
Marilyn Spanier was:
Portrait of John SperedakosJohn Speredakos
New Year's Partygoer (uncredited)
John Speredakos was:
Portrait of Terry VaughanTerry Vaughan
Giants Fan (uncredited)
Terry Vaughan was:
Portrait of Anthony WelchAnthony Welch
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Anthony Welch was:
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