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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Seven-Ups

The Seven-Ups

Release Date: Friday, December 14 1973 (49 years ago)
Portrait of Roy ScheiderRoy Scheider
Buddy - Seven-Up
Roy Scheider was:
Portrait of Jerry LeonJerry Leon
Mingo - Seven-Up
Jerry Leon was:
Portrait of Tony Lo BiancoTony Lo Bianco
Vito Lucia
Tony Lo Bianco was:
Portrait of Victor ArnoldVictor Arnold
Barilli - Seven-Up
Victor Arnold was:
Portrait of Ken KerchevalKen Kercheval
Ansel - Seven-Up
Ken Kercheval was:
Portrait of Larry HainesLarry Haines
Max Kalish
Larry Haines was:
Portrait of Richard LynchRichard Lynch
Richard Lynch was:
Portrait of Bill HickmanBill Hickman
Bill Hickman was:
Portrait of Lou PolanLou Polan
Carmine Coltello
Lou Polan was:
Portrait of Joe SpinellJoe Spinell
Joe Spinell was:
Portrait of Robert BurrRobert Burr
Lt. Hanes
Robert Burr was:
Portrait of Rex EverhartRex Everhart
Inspector Gilson
Rex Everhart was:
Portrait of David WilsonDavid Wilson
David Wilson was:
Portrait of Frances ChaneyFrances Chaney
Mrs. Kalish
Frances Chaney was:
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