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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Tales from the Darkside

Tales from the Darkside

Release Date: Thursday, November 29 1990 (32 years ago)
Portrait of Barnard HughesBarnard Hughes
Gideon Hackles
Barnard Hughes was:
Portrait of I.M. HobsonI.M. Hobson
Mr. Bindle
I.M. Hobson was:
Portrait of Joe PonazeckiJoe Ponazecki
Atticus Kimble
Joe Ponazecki was:
Portrait of Knowl JohnsonKnowl Johnson
Billy Kimble
Knowl Johnson was:
Portrait of Brenda CurrinBrenda Currin
Sarah Kimble
Brenda Currin was:
Portrait of Eddie JonesEddie Jones
Victor Muldoon
Eddie Jones was:
Portrait of Patrick WilcoxPatrick Wilcox
Timothy Muldoon
Patrick Wilcox was:
Portrait of Jeff CohenJeff Cohen
Timmy Muldoon
Jeff Cohen was:
Portrait of Eevin HartsoughEevin Hartsough
Eevin Hartsough was:
Portrait of Bill McNultyBill McNulty
Bill McNulty was:
Portrait of Frances ChaneyFrances Chaney
Frances Chaney was:
Portrait of Ed FrenchEd French
Ed French was:
Portrait of Tim CurryTim Curry
Pirate (voice)
Tim Curry was:
Portrait of Keenan WynnKeenan Wynn
Duncan Williams
Keenan Wynn was:
Portrait of George PetrieGeorge Petrie
Jack Blaine
George Petrie was:
Portrait of Bradley FisherBradley Fisher
The Devil
Bradley Fisher was:
Portrait of Catherine BattistoneCatherine Battistone
Jenny the Maid
Catherine Battistone was:
Portrait of Paul SparerPaul Sparer
Narrator (voice)
Paul Sparer was:
Portrait of Fritz WeaverFritz Weaver
Dr. Fenner
Fritz Weaver was:
Portrait of Roberta WeissRoberta Weiss
Gail Aynsley
Roberta Weiss was:
Portrait of Bruce DavisonBruce Davison
Richard Hagstrom
Bruce Davison was:
Portrait of Karen ShalloKaren Shallo
Lena Hagstrom
Karen Shallo was:
Portrait of Patrick PiccininniPatrick Piccininni
Seth Robert Hagstrom
Patrick Piccininni was:
Portrait of Michael FreemanMichael Freeman
Michael Freeman was:
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