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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Girl in the Show

The Girl in the Show

Release Date: 1929-08-30 (92 years ago)
Portrait of Bessie LoveBessie Love
Hattie Hartley
Bessie Love was:
Portrait of Raymond HackettRaymond Hackett
Mal Thorne
Raymond Hackett was:
Portrait of Edward NugentEdward Nugent
Dave Amazon
Edward Nugent was:
Portrait of Mary DoranMary Doran
Connie Bard
Mary Doran was:
Portrait of Jed ProutyJed Prouty
Newton Wampler
Jed Prouty was:
Portrait of Ford SterlingFord Sterling
Ed Bondell
Ford Sterling was:
Portrait of Nanci PriceNanci Price
Nanci Price was:
Portrait of Lucy BeaumontLucy Beaumont
Lorna Montrose
Lucy Beaumont was:
Portrait of Richard CarlyleRichard Carlyle
Leon Montrose
Richard Carlyle was:
Portrait of Alice MoeAlice Moe
Grace Steeple
Alice Moe was:
Portrait of Frank NelsonFrank Nelson
Tracy Boone
Frank Nelson was:
Portrait of Jack McDonaldJack McDonald
Ernest Beaumont
Jack McDonald was:
Portrait of Ethel WalesEthel Wales
Mrs. Truxton
Ethel Wales was:
Portrait of John F. MorrisseyJohn F. Morrissey
Jeff Morgan
John F. Morrissey was:
Portrait of Dannie Mac GrantDannie Mac Grant
Bit Role
Dannie Mac Grant was:
Portrait of Jack StoutenburgJack Stoutenburg
Bit Role
Jack Stoutenburg was:
Portrait of Charles ThurstonCharles Thurston
Bit Role
Charles Thurston was:
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