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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Snow, Tea and Love

Snow, Tea and Love

Release Date: Friday, September 10 2021 (1 year ago)
Portrait of Liviu VârciuLiviu Vârciu
Liviu Vârciu was:
Portrait of Levent SaliLevent Sali
Levent Sali was:
Portrait of Angel PopescuAngel Popescu
Angel Popescu was:
Portrait of Monica AnghelMonica Anghel
Monica Anghel was:
Portrait of Florin BusuiocFlorin Busuioc
Florin Busuioc was:
Portrait of Paula ChirilăPaula Chirilă
Paula Chirilă was:
Portrait of Sergiu CostacheSergiu Costache
Sergiu Costache was:
Portrait of Anca DinicuAnca Dinicu
Anca Dinicu was:
Portrait of Cristian IacobCristian Iacob
Cristian Iacob was:
Portrait of Tiberiu IoanaTiberiu Ioana
Tiberiu Ioana was:
Portrait of Iuliana LuciuIuliana Luciu
Iuliana Luciu was:
Portrait of Dan NegruDan Negru
Dan Negru was:
Portrait of Andreas PetrescuAndreas Petrescu
Andreas Petrescu was:
Portrait of Dorian PopaDorian Popa
Dorian Popa was:
Portrait of Alina PușcașAlina Pușcaș
Alina Pușcaș was:
Portrait of RalukaRaluka
Raluka was:
Portrait of Cosmin SeleșiCosmin Seleși
Cosmin Seleși was:
Portrait of Carmen TănaseCarmen Tănase
Carmen Tănase was:
Portrait of Alexandra TimofteAlexandra Timofte
Alexandra Timofte was:
Portrait of Alex VeleaAlex Velea
Alex Velea was:
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