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Himlen er blaa

Himlen er blaa

Release Date: 1954-03-20 (66 years ago)
Henning Moritzen
Slagterens datters kæreste
Henning Moritzen was:
Grethe Holmer
Slagterens datter
Grethe Holmer was:
Helle Virkner
Fru Lauritzen
Helle Virkner was:
Hans Kurt
Hans Kurt was:
Holger Juul Hansen
Direktør Lauritzen
Holger Juul Hansen was:
Louis Miehe-Renard
Medlem af Larsentrioen
Louis Miehe-Renard was:
Lise Ringheim
Medlem af Larsentrioen
Lise Ringheim was:
Tove Maës
Tove Maës was:
Lily Broberg
Lily Broberg was:
Hans-Henrik Krause
Hans-Henrik Krause was:
Henry Nielsen
Henry Nielsen was:
Minna Jørgensen
Minna Jørgensen was:
Olaf Ussing
Olaf Ussing was:
Jørn Jeppesen
Carl, alfons
Jørn Jeppesen was:
Bjarne Kitter
Bjarne Kitter was:
Basse Kitter
Basse Kitter was:
Peter Kitter
Peter Kitter was:
Freddy Sønchsen
Freddy Sønchsen was:
Jytte Ibsen
Jytte Ibsen was:
Poul Juhl
Poul Juhl was:
Poul Jensen
Poul Jensen was:
Ebba With
Ebba With was:
Anita O'Quinn
Anita O'Quinn was:
Ernst Hemme
Ernst Hemme was:
Ebba Amfeldt
Ebba Amfeldt was:
Sigurd Langberg
Kaptajn Iversen
Sigurd Langberg was:
Knud Hallest
Knud Hallest was:
Caja Heimann
Henning Petersens kæreste
Caja Heimann was:
Olaf Nordgreen
Olaf Nordgreen was:
Valdemar Skjerning
Valdemar Skjerning was:
Inge Ketti
Inge Ketti was:
Aase Ziegler
Aase Ziegler was:
Gabriel Axel
Gabriel Axel was:
Carl Johan Hviid
Bundgaard, børstenbinder
Carl Johan Hviid was:
Jakob Nielsen
Jakob Nielsen was:
Thok Søndergaard
Thok Søndergaard was:
Torkil Lauritzen
Torkil Lauritzen was:
Frida Hviid
Gerda, Einars kone
Frida Hviid was:
Anna Henriques-Nielsen
Einar Jørgensens mor
Anna Henriques-Nielsen was:
Finn Lassen
Finn Lassen was:
Poul Clemmensen
Poul Clemmensen was:
Hanne Marie Jensen
Hanne Marie Jensen was:
Jan Methling
Jan Methling was:
Poul Müller
Poul Müller was:
Henny Lindorff Buckhøj
Henny Lindorff Buckhøj was:
Louis Brinkfort
Synsk mand
Louis Brinkfort was:
Anne Grete Hilding
Anne Grete Hilding was:
Conrad Eugén
Conrad Eugén was:
Else-Marie Juul Hansen
Else-Marie Juul Hansen was:
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