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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Den rige enke

Den rige enke

Release Date: 1962-09-03 (58 years ago)
Maria Garland
Gårdejer Annemarie Ellekjær
Maria Garland was:
Kirsten Saerens
Elin Ellekjær
Kirsten Saerens was:
Søren Elung Jensen
Jørgen Hansen
Søren Elung Jensen was:
Gunnar Lauring
Godsejer Von der Rude
Gunnar Lauring was:
Jessie Rindom
Fru Von der Rude
Jessie Rindom was:
Ebbe Langberg
Erik von der Rude
Ebbe Langberg was:
Carl Ottosen
Forvalter Mogensen
Carl Ottosen was:
Peter Malberg
Købmand Janus Frandsen
Peter Malberg was:
Helga Frier
Helga Frier was:
Finn Lassen
Finn Lassen was:
Karen Lykkehus
Karen Lykkehus was:
Arne Hansen
Arne Hansen was:
Aksel Erhardtsen
Aksel Erhardtsen was:
Jan Priiskorn Schmidt
Jan Priiskorn Schmidt was:
Guri Richter
Guri Richter was:
Rita Angela
Rita Angela was:
Ejnar Larsen
Ejnar Larsen was:
Hanne Ribens
Hanne Ribens was:
Asger Bonfils
Asger Bonfils was:
Malene Schwartz
Grete Ellekjær
Malene Schwartz was:
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