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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Pizza und Marmelade

Pizza und Marmelade

Release Date: Wednesday, December 30 2009 (12 years ago)
Portrait of Max von ThunMax von Thun
Florian Herzog
Max von Thun was:
Portrait of Stefanie StappenbeckStefanie Stappenbeck
Lucia Blumenberg
Stefanie Stappenbeck was:
Portrait of Helmfried von LüttichauHelmfried von Lüttichau
Claudio Fontanella
Helmfried von Lüttichau was:
Portrait of Clelia SartoClelia Sarto
Clelia Sarto was:
Portrait of Michael HanemannMichael Hanemann
Edgar Büchner
Michael Hanemann was:
Portrait of Meral PerinMeral Perin
Meral Perin was:
Portrait of Filippo KreindlFilippo Kreindl
Daniel Herzog
Filippo Kreindl was:
Portrait of Nina BrandhoffNina Brandhoff
Nina Brandhoff was:
Portrait of Johanna BittenbinderJohanna Bittenbinder
Frau vom Arbeitsamt
Johanna Bittenbinder was:
Portrait of Carola BambasCarola Bambas
Carola Bambas was:
Portrait of Mediha CetinMediha Cetin
Frau mit Rose
Mediha Cetin was:
Portrait of Gabriele DossiGabriele Dossi
ältere Kassiererin
Gabriele Dossi was:
Portrait of Katharina EyssenKatharina Eyssen
Katharina Eyssen was:
Portrait of Marie-Therese FutterknechtMarie-Therese Futterknecht
Marie-Therese Futterknecht was:
Portrait of Tina GraweTina Grawe
Tina Grawe was:
Portrait of Sandra KoltaiSandra Koltai
Verkäuferin Steffi
Sandra Koltai was:
Portrait of Hartmut KunzeHartmut Kunze
Bauleiter Seger
Hartmut Kunze was:
Portrait of Shenja LacherShenja Lacher
Herr Maier
Shenja Lacher was:
Portrait of Thomas LoiblThomas Loibl
BND-Beamter Schmidt
Thomas Loibl was:
Portrait of Elisa PedrozoElisa Pedrozo
Elisa Pedrozo was:
Portrait of Stefan RutzStefan Rutz
Stefan Rutz was:
Portrait of Roman SchmelzerRoman Schmelzer
Roman Schmelzer was:
Portrait of Barış SezerBarış Sezer
Barış Sezer was:
Portrait of Robert SpitzRobert Spitz
Hausmeister Brummer
Robert Spitz was:
Portrait of Jörg WitteJörg Witte
Jörg Witte was:
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