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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Long Lost Father

Long Lost Father

Release Date: 1934-01-19 (87 years ago)
John Barrymore
Carl Bellairs
John Barrymore was:
Helen Chandler
Lindsey Lane
Helen Chandler was:
Donald Cook
Bill Strong
Donald Cook was:
Alan Mowbray
Sir Anthony "Tony" Gelding
Alan Mowbray was:
Claude King
The Inspector
Claude King was:
Natalie Moorhead
Phyllis Mersey-Royds
Natalie Moorhead was:
E. E. Clive
Spot Hawkins
E. E. Clive was:
Doris Lloyd
Mrs. Bellwater
Doris Lloyd was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Mr. Stewart, the Lawyer
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Reginald Sharland
Lord Vivian
Reginald Sharland was:
Phyllis Barry
Party Guest
Phyllis Barry was:
Tempe Pigott
Mrs. Gamp - The Old Woman
Tempe Pigott was:
Herbert Bunston
The Bishop
Herbert Bunston was:
Charles Irwin
Mr. Chisholm
Charles Irwin was:
John Rogers
Mr. Arno
John Rogers was:
Wilson Benge
Gelding's Servant
Wilson Benge was:
Tiny Jones
Mrs. Higgenbottom
Tiny Jones was:
Joseph North
Joseph North was:
William H. O'Brien
Waiter Getting Carl to Telephone
William H. O'Brien was:
Jack Richardson
Man Getting Race Results
Jack Richardson was:
Adele Thomas
Undetermined Role
Adele Thomas was:
Virginia Weidler
Girl at Pier
Virginia Weidler was:
Florence Wix
Party Guest
Florence Wix was:
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