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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Les Misérables

Les Misérables

Release Date: 1935-04-20 (86 years ago)
Fredric March
Jean Valjean / Champmathieu
Fredric March was:
Charles Laughton
Inspector Emile Javert
Charles Laughton was:
Cedric Hardwicke
Bishop Bienvenue (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)
Cedric Hardwicke was:
Rochelle Hudson
Rochelle Hudson was:
Florence Eldridge
Florence Eldridge was:
Frances Drake
Frances Drake was:
John Beal
John Beal was:
Jessie Ralph
Madame Magloire
Jessie Ralph was:
Mary Forbes
Mlle. Baptiseme
Mary Forbes was:
Florence Roberts
Florence Roberts was:
Jane Kerr
Madame Thenardier
Jane Kerr was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Charles Haefeli
Charles Haefeli was:
Marilyn Knowlden
Little Cosette (as Marilynne Knowlden)
Marilyn Knowlden was:
John Bleifer
John Bleifer was:
Eily Malyon
Mother Superior
Eily Malyon was:
John Carradine
John Carradine was:
Bess Flowers
Trial Spectator (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Robert Greig
Prison Governor at Jean's Release (uncredited)
Robert Greig was:
Kai Schmidt
Lawyer (uncredited)
Kai Schmidt was:
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