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Release Date: 1938-06-03 (82 years ago)
Don Ameche
David Brassard Jr.
Don Ameche was:
Simone Simon
Renee LeBlanc
Simone Simon was:
Robert Young
Pierre Brassard
Robert Young was:
Joan Davis
May Morris
Joan Davis was:
Bert Lahr
Barney Barnaby
Bert Lahr was:
Paul Hurst
A. Adolphus Heyman
Paul Hurst was:
William Collier Sr.
David Brassard Sr.
William Collier Sr. was:
Tala Birell
Mlle. Josette
Tala Birell was:
Lynn Bari
Mrs. Elaine Dupree
Lynn Bari was:
William Demarest
Joe, Diner Owner
William Demarest was:
Ruth Gillette
Ruth Gillette was:
Maurice Cass
Ed, the Furrier
Maurice Cass was:
George Reed
George Reed was:
Lon Chaney Jr.
Lon Chaney Jr. was:
Armand Kaliz
Armand Kaliz was:
Paul McVey
Hotel Manager
Paul McVey was:
Fred Kelsey
Hotel Detective
Fred Kelsey was:
Robert Kellard
Robert Kellard was:
Slim Martin
Orchestra Leader
Slim Martin was:
June Gale
Cafe Girl
June Gale was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Papa Le Blanc
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Carol Adams
Dancer (uncredited)
Carol Adams was:
Alice Armand
Toinette (uncredited)
Alice Armand was:
Billy Baxter
Messenger Boy (uncredited)
Billy Baxter was:
Brooks Benedict
Nightclub Table Extra (uncredited)
Brooks Benedict was:
Ralph Brooks
Nightclub Table Extra (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks was:
Eddie Collins
Customs Inspector (uncredited)
Eddie Collins was:
Harry Denny
Bit Role (uncredited)
Harry Denny was:
Jack Donaldson
Bit Role (uncredited)
Jack Donaldson was:
Antonio Filauri
Waiter (uncredited)
Antonio Filauri was:
Harold Foshay
Bit Role (uncredited)
Harold Foshay was:
Mary Healy
Girl at Ringside (uncredited)
Mary Healy was:
Edward Keane
Doorman (uncredited)
Edward Keane was:
Robert Lowery
Rufe, Boatman (uncredited)
Robert Lowery was:
Hank Mann
Charlie, Stagehand (uncredited)
Hank Mann was:
Bert Moorhouse
Extra (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
James C. Morton
Bartender (uncredited)
James C. Morton was:
Ruth Peterson
Switchboard Operator (uncredited)
Ruth Peterson was:
Lillian Porter
Cigarette Girl (uncredited)
Lillian Porter was:
Jayne Regan
Cafe Girl (uncredited)
Jayne Regan was:
Ray Turner
Mose (uncredited)
Ray Turner was:
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