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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

I Sell Anything

I Sell Anything

Release Date: 1934-10-19 (86 years ago)
Pat O’Brien
Spot Cash Cutler
Pat O’Brien was:
Ann Dvorak
Ann Dvorak was:
Claire Dodd
Millicent Clark
Claire Dodd was:
Roscoe Karns
Roscoe Karns was:
Hobart Cavanaugh
Hobart Cavanaugh was:
Russell Hopton
Russell Hopton was:
Arthur Hoyt
Franj Entwistle
Arthur Hoyt was:
Robert Barrat
Robert Barrat was:
Harry Tyler
Second Stooge
Harry Tyler was:
Willie Fung
Willie Fung was:
Gus Shy
Third Stooge
Gus Shy was:
Leonard Carey
Pertwee - Millicent's Chauffeur
Leonard Carey was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Clay Clement
Peter Van Gruen
Clay Clement was:
Herman Bing
Dutchman Bidding $1.25
Herman Bing was:
David Calles
Half-Witted Customer
David Calles was:
André Cheron
Pierre - Headwaiter
André Cheron was:
Nick Copeland
Nick Copeland was:
Gino Corrado
Gino Corrado was:
John Elliott
John Elliott was:
Sam Godfrey
Spectator Buying Suitcase
Sam Godfrey was:
Sherry Hall
Porter on Ship
Sherry Hall was:
George Humbert
George Humbert was:
Milton Kibbee
Spectator Bidding $3.50
Milton Kibbee was:
Edward McWade
Mr. Arden - Old Man
Edward McWade was:
Edmund Mortimer
$300 Bidder at Antiques Auction
Edmund Mortimer was:
Henry Otho
Spectator Bidding $4.50
Henry Otho was:
Bob Perry
Beer Garden Manager
Bob Perry was:
Jack Richardson
Spectator Bidding $4.00
Jack Richardson was:
Adrian Rosley
Adrian Rosley was:
Harry Semels
Statue Smasher
Harry Semels was:
Eddie Shubert
Truck Driver
Eddie Shubert was:
Frederick Sullivan
Expert Bidding $370 at Antiques Auction
Frederick Sullivan was:
Huey White
Taxi Driver
Huey White was:
Jack Wise
Jack Wise was:
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