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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Hollywood Party

Hollywood Party

Release Date: 1934-05-24 (86 years ago)
Stan Laurel
Stan Laurel was:
Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy was:
Jimmy Durante
Himself / Schnarzan
Jimmy Durante was:
Jack Pearl
Baron Munchausen
Jack Pearl was:
Polly Moran
Henrietta Clemp
Polly Moran was:
Charles Butterworth
Harvey Clemp
Charles Butterworth was:
Eddie Quillan
Bob Benson
Eddie Quillan was:
June Clyde
Linda Clemp
June Clyde was:
Lupe Vélez
The Jaguar Woman / Jane in Schnarzan Sequence / Herself
Lupe Vélez was:
George Givot
Liondora aka Grand Royal Duke
George Givot was:
Richard Carle
Richard Carle was:
Marta DeVeaux
Show Girl (uncredited)
Marta DeVeaux was:
Larry Fine
Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
Larry Fine was:
Bess Flowers
Party Guest (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Scientific Pedant (uncredited)
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Sherry Hall
Butler Mixing Drinks (uncredited)
Sherry Hall was:
Ted Healy
Reporter (uncredited)
Ted Healy was:
Irene Hervey
Show Girl (uncredited)
Irene Hervey was:
Curly Howard
Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
Curly Howard was:
Moe Howard
Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
Moe Howard was:
Tom Kennedy
Beavers (uncredited)
Tom Kennedy was:
Edwin Maxwell
Producer Buddy Goldfarb (uncredited)
Edwin Maxwell was:
Florine McKinney
Showgirl (uncredited)
Florine McKinney was:
Martha Sleeper
Show Girl (uncredited)
Martha Sleeper was:
Arthur Treacher
Durante's Butler (uncredited)
Arthur Treacher was:
Robert Young
Himself as Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Robert Young was:
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