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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Gambling Lady

Gambling Lady

Release Date: 1934-03-08 (87 years ago)
Barbara Stanwyck
Jennifer Lady Lee
Barbara Stanwyck was:
Joel McCrea
Garry Madison
Joel McCrea was:
Pat O’Brien
Charlie Lang
Pat O’Brien was:
Claire Dodd
Sheila Aiken
Claire Dodd was:
C. Aubrey Smith
Peter Madison
C. Aubrey Smith was:
Robert Barrat
Mike Lee
Robert Barrat was:
Arthur Vinton
Arthur Vinton was:
Phillip Reed
Phillip Reed was:
Philip Faversham
Don Carroway
Philip Faversham was:
Robert Elliott
Robert Elliott was:
Ferdinand Gottschalk
Cornelius - Lawyer
Ferdinand Gottschalk was:
Willard Robertson
District Attorney
Willard Robertson was:
Huey White
Mealy - Bodyguard
Huey White was:
Louise Beavers
Suzy - Peter's Cook (uncredited)
Louise Beavers was:
F. Blinn
Gambler (uncredited)
F. Blinn was:
Wade Boteler
Sergeant at Bail Window (uncredited)
Wade Boteler was:
James Burke
Detective Making Raid (uncredited)
James Burke was:
Leonard Carey
Butler at Gambling Club (uncredited)
Leonard Carey was:
Jack Cheatham
Policeman Posing for Picture (uncredited)
Jack Cheatham was:
Willie Fung
Ching - Syndicate Board Member (uncredited)
Willie Fung was:
Creighton Hale
Funeral Attendee (uncredited)
Creighton Hale was:
Howard Hickman
Divorce Judge (uncredited)
Howard Hickman was:
Russell Huestis
Gambler (uncredited)
Russell Huestis was:
John Ince
Detective (uncredited)
John Ince was:
Milton Kibbee
First Reporter (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee was:
Edward LeSaint
Sheila's Attorney (uncredited)
Edward LeSaint was:
Carl M. Leviness
Card Player (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness was:
Frank McLure
Gambler (uncredited)
Frank McLure was:
Harold Miller
Gambler (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Bert Moorhouse
Poker Dealer (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Arthur Treacher
Pryor (uncredited)
Arthur Treacher was:
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