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Poster of Something in the Air

Something in the Air

Release Date: Wednesday, November 14 2012 (10 years ago)
Portrait of Clément MétayerClément Métayer
Clément Métayer was:
Portrait of Lola CrétonLola Créton
Lola Créton was:
Portrait of Felix ArmandFelix Armand
Felix Armand was:
Portrait of Carole CombesCarole Combes
Carole Combes was:
Portrait of Bobbi Salvör MenuezBobbi Salvör Menuez
Bobbi Salvör Menuez was:
Portrait of Hugo ConzelmannHugo Conzelmann
Hugo Conzelmann was:
Portrait of Mathias RenouMathias Renou
Mathias Renou was:
Portrait of Léa RougeronLéa Rougeron
Léa Rougeron was:
Portrait of Martin LoizillonMartin Loizillon
Rackam le Rouge
Martin Loizillon was:
Portrait of André MarconAndré Marcon
Father of Gilles
André Marcon was:
Portrait of Simon-Pierre BoireauSimon-Pierre Boireau
Simon-Pierre Boireau was:
Portrait of Laurent RamacciottiLaurent Ramacciotti
Security guard / Coach
Laurent Ramacciotti was:
Portrait of Philippe PaimblancPhilippe Paimblanc
Philippe Paimblanc was:
Portrait of Alain GlucksteinAlain Gluckstein
French teacher
Alain Gluckstein was:
Portrait of Jean-François RagotJean-François Ragot
Philosophy teacher
Jean-François Ragot was:
Portrait of Lionel DrayLionel Dray
Activist filmmaker
Lionel Dray was:
Portrait of Guillaume SaurrelGuillaume Saurrel
Activist filmmaker
Guillaume Saurrel was:
Portrait of Jeanne CandelJeanne Candel
Member of Porc-Épic Collective
Jeanne Candel was:
Portrait of Adrien LamandeAdrien Lamande
Member of Porc-Épic Collective
Adrien Lamande was:
Portrait of Paul SperaPaul Spera
Paul Spera was:
Portrait of Dolores ChaplinDolores Chaplin
Actress (London)
Dolores Chaplin was:
Portrait of Johnny FlynnJohnny Flynn
Folk singer
Johnny Flynn was:
Portrait of Félix de GivryFélix de Givry
High School student activist
Félix de Givry was:
Portrait of Jean GarreauJean Garreau
High School student activist
Jean Garreau was:
Portrait of Louise ChennevièreLouise Chennevière
Louise Chennevière was:
Portrait of Manuel MazaudierManuel Mazaudier
Manuel Mazaudier was:
Portrait of Maxime JulliaMaxime Jullia
Gérard’s brother
Maxime Jullia was:
Portrait of Sylvain JacquesSylvain Jacques
Sylvain Jacques was:
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