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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Picking Peaches

Picking Peaches

Release Date: Saturday, February 2 1924 (98 years ago)
Portrait of Harry LangdonHarry Langdon
A Shoe Clerk
Harry Langdon was:
Portrait of Alberta VaughnAlberta Vaughn
Harry's Wife
Alberta Vaughn was:
Portrait of Ethel TeareEthel Teare
Harry's Wife's Chum
Ethel Teare was:
Portrait of Dot FarleyDot Farley
The Customer
Dot Farley was:
Portrait of Kewpie MorganKewpie Morgan
The Customer's Detective Husband
Kewpie Morgan was:
Portrait of Vernon DentVernon Dent
The Store Manager
Vernon Dent was:
Portrait of IreneIrene
The Store Manager's Wife
Irene was:
Portrait of Mary AkinMary Akin
Bathing Beauty
Mary Akin was:
Portrait of Andy ClydeAndy Clyde
Near-Sighted Shoe Customer
Andy Clyde was:
Portrait of Jack CooperJack Cooper
Beauty Contest Emcee
Jack Cooper was:
Portrait of Alice DayAlice Day
Store Secretary
Alice Day was:
Portrait of Marceline DayMarceline Day
Bathing Beauty
Marceline Day was:
Portrait of Dorothy DorrDorothy Dorr
Bathing Beauty
Dorothy Dorr was:
Portrait of Cecille EvansCecille Evans
Contestant Who Makes Bad Dive
Cecille Evans was:
Portrait of Evelyn FranciscoEvelyn Francisco
Bathing Beauty
Evelyn Francisco was:
Portrait of Eugenia GilbertEugenia Gilbert
Bathing Beauty
Eugenia Gilbert was:
Portrait of Thelma HillThelma Hill
Contestant With Blackened Tooth
Thelma Hill was:
Portrait of Si JenksSi Jenks
Beauty Contest Scorekeeper
Si Jenks was:
Portrait of Roger MooreRoger Moore
Beauty Contest Spectator
Roger Moore was:
Portrait of Leo SulkyLeo Sulky
Fashion Show Judge
Leo Sulky was:
Portrait of Elsie TarronElsie Tarron
Bathing Beauty
Elsie Tarron was:
Portrait of Gladys TennysonGladys Tennyson
Bathing Beauty
Gladys Tennyson was:
Portrait of Tiny WardTiny Ward
Angry Man in Dressing Gown
Tiny Ward was:
Portrait of Hazel WilliamsHazel Williams
Bathing Beauty
Hazel Williams was:
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