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Plot: The wife of attorney John Blair (T. Jerome Lawler), heroine Helene (Kalich) finds herself in an untenable position when two of Blair's clients, Harry Carson (Robert Rendel)) and Richard Tremaine (Eugene Ormonde), both fall in love with her
Release Date: Sunday, April 9 1916
107 years ago
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Portrait of Bertha KalichBertha Kalich
Bertha Kalich was
41 in Slander.
as 'Helene Ayers'.
Sun, May 17 1874 –
Tue, Apr 18 1939
Portrait of Eugene OrmondeEugene Ormonde
Eugene Ormonde was
>> in Slander.
as 'Richard Tremaine'.
Unknown Birthday –
Sun, Jul 16 1922
Portrait of Mayme KelsoMayme Kelso
Mayme Kelso was
49 in Slander.
as 'Tremaine's Wife'.
Wed, Feb 27 1867 –
Wed, Jun 05 1946
Portrait of Edward Van SloanEdward Van Sloan
Edward Van Sloan was
33 in Slander.
as 'Joseph Tremaine'.
Wed, Nov 01 1882 –
Fri, Mar 06 1964
Portrait of Robert RendelRobert Rendel
Robert Rendel was
>> in Slander.
as 'Harry Carson'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Warren CookWarren Cook
Warren Cook was
37 in Slander.
as 'Doctor'.
Wed, May 22 1878 –
Tue, May 02 1939
Portrait of Charles PeytonCharles Peyton
Charles Peyton was
>> in Slander.
as 'Tremaine's Valket (as C. Peyton)'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of T. Jerome LawlerT. Jerome Lawler
T. Jerome Lawler was
>> in Slander.
as 'John Blair'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Betty BlytheBetty Blythe
Betty Blythe was
22 in Slander.
as ''.
Thu, Aug 31 1893 –
Fri, Apr 07 1972
Portrait of Kittens ReichertKittens Reichert
Kittens Reichert was
>> in Slander.
as ''.
Unknown Birthday


Portrait of Will S. DavisWill S. Davis
Director, Scenario Writer
Will S. Davis was
>> in Slander.
Unknown Birthday