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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

In Old California

In Old California

Release Date: 1942-05-31 (79 years ago)
John Wayne
Tom Craig
John Wayne was:
Binnie Barnes
Lacey Miller
Binnie Barnes was:
Albert Dekker
Britt Dawson
Albert Dekker was:
Helen Parrish
Ellen Sanford
Helen Parrish was:
Patsy Kelly
Patsy Kelly was:
Edgar Kennedy
Kegs McKeever
Edgar Kennedy was:
Dick Purcell
Joe Dawson
Dick Purcell was:
Harry Shannon
Mr. Carlin
Harry Shannon was:
Charles Halton
Mr. Hayes
Charles Halton was:
Emmett Lynn
Emmett Lynn was:
Robert McKenzie
Mr. Bates (as Bob McKenzie)
Robert McKenzie was:
Milton Kibbee
Ezra Tompkins (as Milt Kibbee)
Milton Kibbee was:
Paul Sutton
Chick - Dawson's henchman
Paul Sutton was:
Anne O'Neal
Mrs. Tompkins
Anne O'Neal was:
Richard Alexander
Clem - Dawson's Henchman
Richard Alexander was:
Jessie Arnold
Worried Woman
Jessie Arnold was:
Hooper Atchley
Hooper Atchley was:
Sam Bernard
Sam Bernard was:
Stanley Blystone
San Francisco Deputy
Stanley Blystone was:
Rudy Bowman
Rudy Bowman was:
Ed Brady
Angry Citizen in Lynch Mob
Ed Brady was:
Frank Brownlee
Man on Street
Frank Brownlee was:
Roy Bucko
Roy Bucko was:
Nora Bush
Nora Bush was:
Zeke Canova
Zeke Canova was:
Horace B. Carpenter
Horace B. Carpenter was:
Lynne Carver
Undetermined Minor Role
Lynne Carver was:
Chester Conklin
Undetermined Minor Role
Chester Conklin was:
Jim Corey
Jim Corey was:
Wade Crosby
San Francisco Bartender
Wade Crosby was:
Donald Curtis
Pike - Dawson's Henchman
Donald Curtis was:
Russell Custer
Russell Custer was:
Rube Dalroy
Rube Dalroy was:
Art Dillard
Art Dillard was:
Tex Driscoll
Tex Driscoll was:
Pearl Early
Mrs. Bates
Pearl Early was:
Heenan Elliott
Man with Joker at Bar
Heenan Elliott was:
Frank Ellis
Wagon Driver
Frank Ellis was:
Fern Emmett
Mrs. Coggins
Fern Emmett was:
Esther Estrella
Maria Alvarez
Esther Estrella was:
Jim Farley
Angry Citizen in Lynch Mob
Jim Farley was:
Martin Faust
Martin Faust was:
O.K. Ford
Singing Churchman
O.K. Ford was:
Martín Garralaga
Señor Alvarez
Martín Garralaga was:
H.W. Gim
H.W. Gim was:
Augie Gomez
Augie Gomez was:
Dorothy Granger
Girl in First Saloon
Dorothy Granger was:
Karl Hackett
Charlie - Wagon Owner
Karl Hackett was:
Frank Hagney
Angry Citizen in Lynch Mob
Frank Hagney was:
Bobby Hale
Bobby Hale was:
Al Haskell
Al Haskell was:
Chick Hannan
Chick Hannan was:
Robert Homans
Marshal Alvin Thompson
Robert Homans was:
Olin Howland
Undetermined Minor Role
Olin Howland was:
Frank Jaquet
Dr. Glaggett
Frank Jaquet was:
Lew Kelly
Lew Kelly was:
Jack Kirk
Wagon Driver on Run
Jack Kirk was:
Emily LaRue
Rosita Alvarez
Emily LaRue was:
Rex Lease
Gold Strike Rider
Rex Lease was:
George Lloyd
San Francisco Sheriff
George Lloyd was:
Jack Low
Jack Low was:
Eric Mayne
Eric Mayne was:
Merrill McCormick
Dawson's Henchman
Merrill McCormick was:
Mathew McCue
Mathew McCue was:
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Undetermined Minor Role
Frank McGlynn Sr. was:
Joe McGuinn
Joe McGuinn was:
Harry McKim
Boy at Wharf
Harry McKim was:
Robert Milasch
Robert Milasch was:
Carl Miller
Saloon Patron
Carl Miller was:
Frank Mills
Loudmouthed Oaf
Frank Mills was:
Art Mix
Undetermined Minor Role
Art Mix was:
Jack Montgomery
Jack Montgomery was:
Mike Morelli
Mike Morelli was:
James C. Morton
Red - Sacramento Bartender
James C. Morton was:
Charles Murphy
Saloon Patron
Charles Murphy was:
Bill Nestell
Bill Nestell was:
Frank O'Connor
Bystander on Riverboat
Frank O'Connor was:
Jack O'Shea
Saloon Patron
Jack O'Shea was:
Bud Osborne
Undetermined Minor Role
Bud Osborne was:
Jack Perry
Jack Perry was:
Pascale Perry
Pascale Perry was:
Ralph Peters
Undetermined Minor Role
Ralph Peters was:
Benny Petti
Benny Petti was:
Tex Phelps
Tex Phelps was:
Rose Plumer
Rose Plumer was:
Jose Portugal
Jose Portugal was:
Jessie Proctor
Jessie Proctor was:
Tom Quinn
Tom Quinn was:
Bob Reeves
Bob Reeves was:
Ruth Robinson
Mrs. Higgins
Ruth Robinson was:
Tom Smith
Tom Smith was:
Forrest Taylor
Man in Saloon with Carlin
Forrest Taylor was:
Harry Tenbrook
Saloon Waiter
Harry Tenbrook was:
Harry Tyler
Harry Tyler was:
Minerva Urecal
Mrs. Carson
Minerva Urecal was:
Guy Usher
Captain of First Boat
Guy Usher was:
Max Waizmann
Max Waizmann was:
Fred Walburn
Archie Higgins
Fred Walburn was:
Glen Walters
Woman at Camp
Glen Walters was:
Cecil Weston
Mrs. Marvin
Cecil Weston was:
Slim Whitaker
Man on Street
Slim Whitaker was:
Blackie Whiteford
Blackie Whiteford was:
Matt Willis
Joker at Bar in San Francisco
Matt Willis was:
Roque Ybarra
Roque Ybarra was:
Michael Miller
Yerp Bates
Michael Miller was:
Jack Carr
Man Who Warns of Kegs' Arrival
Jack Carr was:
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