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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Release Date: Friday, March 5 1982 (40 years ago)
Portrait of Jill ClayburghJill Clayburgh
Barbara Gordon
Jill Clayburgh was:
Portrait of Nicol WilliamsonNicol Williamson
Derek Bauer
Nicol Williamson was:
Portrait of Dianne WiestDianne Wiest
Julie Addison
Dianne Wiest was:
Portrait of Joe PesciJoe Pesci
Joe Pesci was:
Portrait of Geraldine PageGeraldine Page
Jean Scott Martin
Geraldine Page was:
Portrait of Albert SalmiAlbert Salmi
Ben Martin
Albert Salmi was:
Portrait of John LithgowJohn Lithgow
Mr. Brunner
John Lithgow was:
Portrait of Ellen GreeneEllen Greene
Karen Mulligan
Ellen Greene was:
Portrait of Dan HedayaDan Hedaya
Dr. Klein
Dan Hedaya was:
Portrait of Joseph MaherJoseph Maher
Dr. Kalman
Joseph Maher was:
Portrait of Richard MasurRichard Masur
Alan Newman
Richard Masur was:
Portrait of Daniel SternDaniel Stern
Daniel Stern was:
Portrait of CCH PounderCCH Pounder
CCH Pounder was:
Portrait of Kathleen WiddoesKathleen Widdoes
Dr. Rawlings
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Portrait of James SutoriusJames Sutorius
Sam Mulligan
James Sutorius was:
Portrait of Erin HalliganErin Halligan
Erin Halligan was:
Portrait of Deborah ForemanDeborah Foreman
Deborah Foreman was:
Portrait of Gregory OsborneGregory Osborne
Gregory Osborne was:
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