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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

In Her Name

In Her Name

Release Date: 2016-03-16 (5 years ago)
Daniel Auteuil
André Bamberski
Daniel Auteuil was:
Sebastian Koch
Doctor Dieter Krombach
Sebastian Koch was:
Marie-Josée Croze
Marie-Josée Croze was:
Christelle Cornil
Christelle Cornil was:
Lila-Rose Gilberti
Kalinka (6 years old)
Lila-Rose Gilberti was:
Emma Besson
Kalinka (14 years old)
Emma Besson was:
Christian Kmiotek
Christian Kmiotek was:
Serge Feuillard
Maître Gibault
Serge Feuillard was:
Fred Personne
Father of André
Fred Personne was:
Thérèse Roussel
Mother of André
Thérèse Roussel was:
Tom Hudson
Pierre (20 years old)
Tom Hudson was:
Antoine Milhaud
Pierre (12 years old)
Antoine Milhaud was:
Timéo Bolland
Pierre (4 years old)
Timéo Bolland was:
Natalie Beder
Bamberski's assistant
Natalie Beder was:
Nicolas Planchais
Nicolas Planchais was:
Valérie Even
Investigating judge
Valérie Even was:
Johannes Oliver Hamm
Policeman Scheidegg
Johannes Oliver Hamm was:
Florence d'Azémar
Investigating judge
Florence d'Azémar was:
Stanislas Stanic
Investigating judge
Stanislas Stanic was:
Catherine Davenier
Investigating judge
Catherine Davenier was:
Alain Beigel
Alain Beigel was:
Patrick Zimmermann
President of the Paris court
Patrick Zimmermann was:
Guillaume Briat
Advocate General
Guillaume Briat was:
Marie Vernalde
Marie Vernalde was:
Luc Gentil
General producer
Luc Gentil was:
Geoffroy Boutan
Director of criminal affairs
Geoffroy Boutan was:
Patrick Hauthier
Assistant of criminal affairs
Patrick Hauthier was:
Anne-Cécile Crapie
Anne-Cécile Crapie was:
Véronique Dossetto
Véronique Dossetto was:
Jean-Pol Brissart
Forensic pathologist
Jean-Pol Brissart was:
Loïc Risser
Loïc Risser was:
Michel Gomes
Michel Gomes was:
Jürgen Zwingel
German lawyer
Jürgen Zwingel was:
Fritz Hammer
President of the Kempten court
Fritz Hammer was:
Emma Drogunova
Emma Drogunova was:
Susanne Schmidt
German journalist
Susanne Schmidt was:
Charlotte Krenz
Young German saleswoman
Charlotte Krenz was:
Wolfgang Pissors
German doctor
Wolfgang Pissors was:
Christophe Bizet
German policeman
Christophe Bizet was:
Pierre Bourel
Serbian kidnapper
Pierre Bourel was:
Jan Oliver Schroeder
Lawyer in court
Jan Oliver Schroeder was:
Audrey Quoturi
Clerk (uncredited)
Audrey Quoturi was:
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