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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Tales from the Crapper

Tales from the Crapper

Release Date: 2004-01-29 (17 years ago)
Julie Strain
Ivanna Dance / Demanda
Julie Strain was:
Lloyd Kaufman
The Crap Keeper / Dad / Tromantis (voice)
Lloyd Kaufman was:
Arban Ornelas
Soul Stripper (as Arban)
Arban Ornelas was:
Masuimi Max
Sexy Asian Vampire
Masuimi Max was:
Kevin Eastman
Travis Dance
Kevin Eastman was:
Rob Zazzali
Rob Zazzali was:
Joel Himelhoch
Chief Doublestump
Joel Himelhoch was:
Elwood Carlisle
Private Dick Sam Black
Elwood Carlisle was:
Jorge Garcia
Racoon Head
Jorge Garcia was:
Randy Sklar
News Anchor
Randy Sklar was:
Jason Sklar
News Anchor
Jason Sklar was:
Debbie Rochon
Zelda Lipschitz / Herself
Debbie Rochon was:
Joe Fleishaker
Michael Herz / 500 Pound Candygramm
Joe Fleishaker was:
James Gunn
James Gunn was:
Elizabeth Johnson
James' Assistant
Elizabeth Johnson was:
India Allen
Sally Sterks
India Allen was:
Ronn Surels
Deke the Red Herring
Ronn Surels was:
Antonia Dorian
Larry the Stripper
Antonia Dorian was:
Isabelle Stephen
Lesbian Art Student #1
Isabelle Stephen was:
Kelli Powers
Lesbian Art Student #2
Kelli Powers was:
Jamie Greco
Surly Crack-Head Trannie
Jamie Greco was:
Ron Jeremy
Jimmy (as Ron Hyatt)
Ron Jeremy was:
Trey Parker
Steve Keen (as Juan Schwartz)
Trey Parker was:
Timothy Muskatell
Guy Who Finds the Space Ship
Timothy Muskatell was:
Josh Taylor
Fake Zit Guy
Josh Taylor was:
Ted Raimi
Next Door Neighbor (as Bill Ferguson)
Ted Raimi was:
John Williamette
Guy Who Gets Ass Fucked by Buddy
John Williamette was:
Adam Jahnke
Purse Snatcher
Adam Jahnke was:
James Ojala
Monster Meat
James Ojala was:
Paul Salamoff
Office Chair Victim
Paul Salamoff was:
Kevin Thigpen
Black Guy #2
Kevin Thigpen was:
Gared Williams
Gared Williams was:
Trent Haaga
Guy at the Party
Trent Haaga was:
Ramzi Abed
Guy at the Party
Ramzi Abed was:
Lizzy Strain
Party Goer
Lizzy Strain was:
Eli Roth
Party Goer
Eli Roth was:
Doug Sakmann
Party Goer
Doug Sakmann was:
Stephen Blackehart
Himself (uncredited)
Stephen Blackehart was:
Crystal Cartwright
Woman on Balcony (uncredited)
Crystal Cartwright was:
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