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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Cassette Love

Cassette Love

Release Date: 1982-04-02 (38 years ago)
Emil Steinberger
Felix Stamm
Emil Steinberger was:
Franziska Oehme
Regula Koller
Franziska Oehme was:
Hilde Ziegler
Sybille Mettler
Hilde Ziegler was:
Christina Amun
Ms. Schildknecht
Christina Amun was:
Michael Gempart
Werner Glaus
Michael Gempart was:
Buddy Elias
Dr. Wicki
Buddy Elias was:
Wolfram Berger
Arthur Blaser
Wolfram Berger was:
Voli Geiler
Mrs. Wiederkehr
Voli Geiler was:
Bella Neri
Priska Blaser
Bella Neri was:
Elvira Schalcher
Abita Lenz
Elvira Schalcher was:
Julia Vonderlinn
Iris de Stoutz
Julia Vonderlinn was:
Ingold Wildenauer
Dr. Acklin
Ingold Wildenauer was:
Lorenz Wüthrich
Otto Gamma
Lorenz Wüthrich was:
Klaus Knuth
Josef Sieber
Klaus Knuth was:
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