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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter

Release Date: Friday, July 23 2004 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Jeremy DaviesJeremy Davies
Charles Manson
Jeremy Davies was:
Portrait of Clea DuVallClea DuVall
Linda Kasabian
Clea DuVall was:
Portrait of Allison SmithAllison Smith
Patricia 'Katie' Krenwinkle
Allison Smith was:
Portrait of Mary Lynn RajskubMary Lynn Rajskub
Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme
Mary Lynn Rajskub was:
Portrait of Marguerite MoreauMarguerite Moreau
Susan 'Sadie' Atkins
Marguerite Moreau was:
Portrait of Eric DaneEric Dane
Charles "Tex" Watson
Eric Dane was:
Portrait of Michael WestonMichael Weston
Bobby Beausoleil
Michael Weston was:
Portrait of Hal OzsanHal Ozsan
Joey Dimarco
Hal Ozsan was:
Portrait of Rick GomezRick Gomez
Rick Gomez was:
Portrait of Robert JoyRobert Joy
Detective Morrisy
Robert Joy was:
Portrait of Graham BeckelGraham Beckel
Graham Beckel was:
Portrait of Chris EllisChris Ellis
Sgt. Whiteley
Chris Ellis was:
Portrait of Isabella HofmannIsabella Hofmann
Rosemary LaBianca
Isabella Hofmann was:
Portrait of Robert CostanzoRobert Costanzo
Leno LaBianca
Robert Costanzo was:
Portrait of Yvonne DelarosaYvonne Delarosa
Catherine 'Gypsy' Share
Yvonne Delarosa was:
Portrait of Cheselka LeighCheselka Leigh
Kathryn 'Kitty' Lutesinger
Cheselka Leigh was:
Portrait of John PleshetteJohn Pleshette
Mr. Krenwinkle
John Pleshette was:
Portrait of Whitney DylanWhitney Dylan
Sharon Tate
Whitney Dylan was:
Portrait of Susan RuttanSusan Ruttan
Mrs. Kasabian
Susan Ruttan was:
Portrait of Bruno KirbyBruno Kirby
Vincent Bugliosi
Bruno Kirby was:
Portrait of Catherine WadkinsCatherine Wadkins
Leslie Van Houten
Catherine Wadkins was:
Portrait of Kai LennoxKai Lennox
Steve 'Clem' Grogan
Kai Lennox was:
Portrait of Hopwood DePreeHopwood DePree
Paul Watkins
Hopwood DePree was:
Portrait of Nick JamesonNick Jameson
Gary Fleishman
Nick Jameson was:
Portrait of Kirk B.R. WollerKirk B.R. Woller
Detective Kleinman
Kirk B.R. Woller was:
Portrait of Robert PineRobert Pine
Judge Keene
Robert Pine was:
Portrait of Wolf MuserWolf Muser
Chief Davis
Wolf Muser was:
Portrait of Marek ProboszMarek Probosz
Roman Polanski
Marek Probosz was:
Portrait of Elizabeth Ann BennettElizabeth Ann Bennett
Abigail Folger
Elizabeth Ann Bennett was:
Portrait of George TasudisGeorge Tasudis
Voytek Frykowski
George Tasudis was:
Portrait of Patrick FabianPatrick Fabian
Jay Sebring
Patrick Fabian was:
Portrait of Jaimz WoolvettJaimz Woolvett
Gary Hinman
Jaimz Woolvett was:
Portrait of François ChauFrançois Chau
Dr. Noguchi
François Chau was:
Portrait of Jeffrey JohnsonJeffrey Johnson
Terry Melcher
Jeffrey Johnson was:
Portrait of Chris JacobsChris Jacobs
Dennis Wilson
Chris Jacobs was:
Portrait of Chad MorganChad Morgan
Suzanne LaBianca
Chad Morgan was:
Portrait of Jeanette O'ConnorJeanette O'Connor
Jeanette O'Connor was:
Portrait of Kim StraussKim Strauss
Sgt. William Gleason
Kim Strauss was:
Portrait of Gwen McGeeGwen McGee
Winifred Chapman
Gwen McGee was:
Portrait of P.J. ByrneP.J. Byrne
Man With Thick Glasses
P.J. Byrne was:
Portrait of Mark ThompsonMark Thompson
L.A. Newscaster
Mark Thompson was:
Portrait of Patricia del RioPatricia del Rio
Local TV Reporter
Patricia del Rio was:
Portrait of John LacyJohn Lacy
CHP Officer
John Lacy was:
Portrait of Abner GeneceAbner Genece
Jail Guard
Abner Genece was:
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