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Trip Acquaintance

Trip Acquaintance

Release Date: 1943-10-07 (78 years ago)
Hans Moser
Fridolin Specht
Hans Moser was:
Elfriede Datzig
Elli Werner
Elfriede Datzig was:
Wolf Albach-Retty
Walter Falke
Wolf Albach-Retty was:
Lizzi Holzschuh
Ms. Schenz
Lizzi Holzschuh was:
Richard Eybner
Mr. Gillberg
Richard Eybner was:
Lotte Lang
Woman with Dog
Lotte Lang was:
Josef Menschik
Josef Menschik was:
Annie Rosar
Mrs. Niederleitner
Annie Rosar was:
Fritz Imhoff
Fritz Imhoff was:
Alfred Neugebauer
Alfred Neugebauer was:
Rudolf Carl
Rudolf Carl was:
Gisa Wurm
Elli's Landlady
Gisa Wurm was:
Joseph Egger
Joseph Egger was:
Mimi Stelzer
Mimi Stelzer was:
Oskar Wegrostek
Counter Clerk
Oskar Wegrostek was:
Erik Frey
Erik Frey was:
Edith Hamann
Bride in Bathtub
Edith Hamann was:
Viktor Braun
Viktor Braun was:
Wilhelm Schmidt
Herr Perkopp
Wilhelm Schmidt was:
Otto Storm
Otto Storm was:
Teo Prokop
Teo Prokop was:
Hermann Erhardt
Hermann Erhardt was:
Hans Kern
Hans Kern was:
Otto Glaser
Fire Captain
Otto Glaser was:
Benno Smytt
Benno Smytt was:
Felix Dombrowsky
Felix Dombrowsky was:
Ruth Buchardt
Ruth Buchardt was:
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