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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

All of Me

All of Me

Release Date: 1934-02-01 (87 years ago)
Fredric March
Don Ellis
Fredric March was:
Miriam Hopkins
Lydia Darrow
Miriam Hopkins was:
George Raft
Honey Rogers
George Raft was:
Helen Mack
Eve Haron
Helen Mack was:
Nella Walker
Mrs. Darrow
Nella Walker was:
William Collier Sr.
Jerry Helman
William Collier Sr. was:
Gilbert Emery
The Dean
Gilbert Emery was:
Blanche Friderici
Miss Haskell
Blanche Friderici was:
Kitty Kelly
Kitty Kelly was:
Astrid Allwyn
Ray (uncredited)
Astrid Allwyn was:
Eleanor Bullen
Woman in Speakeasy (uncredited)
Eleanor Bullen was:
James Burke
Welfare Island Guard (uncredited)
James Burke was:
Jill Dennett
Molly (uncredited)
Jill Dennett was:
Helena Phillips Evans
Mrs. Haron (uncredited)
Helena Phillips Evans was:
Patricia Farley
Bee (uncredited)
Patricia Farley was:
Mack Gray
Tough Guy (uncredited)
Mack Gray was:
Al Hill
Mickey (uncredited)
Al Hill was:
Edgar Kennedy
Guard (uncredited)
Edgar Kennedy was:
Laura Marr
Lil (uncredited)
Laura Marr was:
Barton MacLane
First Cop (uncredited)
Barton MacLane was:
John Marston
Nat Davis (uncredited)
John Marston was:
Bruce Mitchell
Second Cop (uncredited)
Bruce Mitchell was:
Dennis O'Keefe
Policeman (uncredited)
Dennis O'Keefe was:
Leslie Palmer
Paul (uncredited)
Leslie Palmer was:
Jason Robards Sr.
Man in Speakeasy (uncredited)
Jason Robards Sr. was:
Harry Stubbs
Second Man in Speakeasy (uncredited)
Harry Stubbs was:
Guy Usher
District Attorney (uncredited)
Guy Usher was:
Lillian West
Jennie (uncredited)
Lillian West was:
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