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Plot: Two T-men track a tax evader and his money to an Idaho ski resort, where a raven tends bar.
Release Date: Sunday, June 30 1946
77 years ago
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Portrait of Bruce CabotBruce Cabot
Bruce Cabot was
42 in Avalanche
as 'Steve Batchellor'.
Wed, Apr 20 1904 –
Wed, May 03 1972
Portrait of Roscoe KarnsRoscoe Karns
Roscoe Karns was
54 in Avalanche
as 'Red Kelly'.
Sun, Sep 06 1891 –
Fri, Feb 06 1970
Portrait of Helen MoweryHelen Mowery
Helen Mowery was
24 in Avalanche
as 'Ann Watson'.
Tue, Apr 25 1922 –
Mon, Jul 14 2008
Portrait of Veda Ann BorgVeda Ann Borg
Veda Ann Borg was
31 in Avalanche
as 'Claire Jeremy'.
Mon, Jan 11 1915 –
Thu, Aug 16 1973
Portrait of Regina WallaceRegina Wallace
Regina Wallace was
59 in Avalanche
as 'Mrs. Carlton Morris'.
Wed, Sep 01 1886 –
Mon, Feb 13 1978
Portrait of John GoodJohn Good
John Good was
>> in Avalanche
as 'Sven Worden'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Philip Van ZandtPhilip Van Zandt
Philip Van Zandt was
41 in Avalanche
as 'Malone'.
Tue, Oct 04 1904 –
Sat, Feb 15 1958
Portrait of Eddie ParksEddie Parks
Eddie Parks was
>> in Avalanche
as 'Mr. Carlton Morris'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Wilton GraffWilton Graff
Wilton Graff was
42 in Avalanche
as 'Jeremy Austin'.
Thu, Aug 13 1903 –
Mon, Jan 13 1969
Portrait of Harry Hays MorganHarry Hays Morgan
Harry Hays Morgan was
>> in Avalanche
as 'Duncan (as Harry Hayes Morgan)'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Eddie HyansEddie Hyans
Eddie Hyans was
>> in Avalanche
as 'Jean'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Eddy WallerEddy Waller
Eddy Waller was
57 in Avalanche
as 'Sam'.
Wed, Apr 03 1889 –
Sat, Aug 20 1977
Portrait of Syd SaylorSyd Saylor
Syd Saylor was
51 in Avalanche
as 'Bartender'.
Sun, Mar 24 1895 –
Fri, Dec 21 1962


Portrait of Irving AllenIrving Allen
Irving Allen was
40 in Avalanche
Fri, Nov 24 1905 –
Thu, Dec 17 1987
Portrait of Edward AnhaltEdward Anhalt
Edward Anhalt was
32 in Avalanche
Sat, Mar 28 1914 –
Sun, Sep 03 2000