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Poster of The Day Christ Died

The Day Christ Died

Release Date: Wednesday, March 26 1980 (43 years ago)
Portrait of Chris SarandonChris Sarandon
Jesus Christ
Chris Sarandon was:
Portrait of Colin BlakelyColin Blakely
Colin Blakely was:
Portrait of Keith MichellKeith Michell
Pontius Pilate
Keith Michell was:
Portrait of Jonathan PryceJonathan Pryce
Jonathan Pryce was:
Portrait of Barrie HoughtonBarrie Houghton
Barrie Houghton was:
Portrait of Jay O. SandersJay O. Sanders
Jay O. Sanders was:
Portrait of Eleanor BronEleanor Bron
Eleanor Bron was:
Portrait of Tim Pigott-SmithTim Pigott-Smith
Tim Pigott-Smith was:
Portrait of Delia BoccardoDelia Boccardo
Mary Magdelene
Delia Boccardo was:
Portrait of Hope LangeHope Lange
Hope Lange was:
Portrait of Oliver CottonOliver Cotton
Oliver Cotton was:
Portrait of Gordon GostelowGordon Gostelow
Gordon Gostelow was:
Portrait of Harold GoldblattHarold Goldblatt
Harold Goldblatt was:
Portrait of Gary BrownGary Brown
Gary Brown was:
Portrait of Leonard MaguireLeonard Maguire
The Demoniac
Leonard Maguire was:
Portrait of Marne MaitlandMarne Maitland
Marne Maitland was:
Portrait of Tony VogelTony Vogel
First Temple Guard
Tony Vogel was:
Portrait of Brian CoburnBrian Coburn
Brian Coburn was:
Portrait of Emma JacobsEmma Jacobs
Emma Jacobs was:
Portrait of Ralph ArlissRalph Arliss
Ralph Arliss was:
Portrait of Anna NogaraAnna Nogara
Anna Nogara was:
Portrait of Dov GottesfeldDov Gottesfeld
Dov Gottesfeld was:
Portrait of Anthony LangdonAnthony Langdon
Roman Soldier
Anthony Langdon was:
Portrait of Donald O'BrienDonald O'Brien
Roman Soldier
Donald O'Brien was:
Portrait of Rod DanaRod Dana
Rod Dana was:
Portrait of John SavidentJohn Savident
Aide to Herod
John Savident was:
Portrait of Tomaso Milian Jr.Tomaso Milian Jr.
Tomaso Milian Jr. was:
Portrait of Joseph MurphyJoseph Murphy
Temple Guard
Joseph Murphy was:
Portrait of Ted RusoffTed Rusoff
Temple Guard
Ted Rusoff was:
Portrait of Charles BorromelCharles Borromel
Second Witness
Charles Borromel was:
Portrait of Donald HodsonDonald Hodson
Joseph of Arimathea
Donald Hodson was:
Portrait of Veronica WellsVeronica Wells
Veronica Wells was:
Portrait of Leonardo TreviglioLeonardo Treviglio
Leonardo Treviglio was:
Portrait of Cyrus EliasCyrus Elias
Herod's Messenger
Cyrus Elias was:
Portrait of Fabrizio JovineFabrizio Jovine
Fabrizio Jovine was:
Portrait of Nando PaoneNando Paone
Nando Paone was:
Portrait of Samuele CerriSamuele Cerri
Samuele Cerri was:
Portrait of Marie-Christine DunhamMarie-Christine Dunham
Marie-Christine Dunham was:
Portrait of Jean-Paul BoucherJean-Paul Boucher
James the Younger
Jean-Paul Boucher was:
Portrait of Mattia MachiavelliMattia Machiavelli
Mattia Machiavelli was:
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