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Poster of Exposed


Release Date: Friday, April 22 1983 (39 years ago)
Portrait of Nastassja KinskiNastassja Kinski
Elizabeth Carlson
Nastassja Kinski was:
Portrait of Rudolf NureyevRudolf Nureyev
Daniel Jelline
Rudolf Nureyev was:
Portrait of Harvey KeitelHarvey Keitel
Harvey Keitel was:
Portrait of Ian McShaneIan McShane
Greg Miller
Ian McShane was:
Portrait of Bibi AnderssonBibi Andersson
Bibi Andersson was:
Portrait of Ron RandellRon Randell
Ron Randell was:
Portrait of Pierre ClémentiPierre Clémenti
Pierre Clémenti was:
Portrait of James RussoJames Russo
James Russo was:
Portrait of Eléonore KlarweinEléonore Klarwein
Rivas' Gang
Eléonore Klarwein was:
Portrait of Dov GottesfeldDov Gottesfeld
Dov Gottesfeld was:
Portrait of Marion VarellaMarion Varella
Bridget Gormann
Marion Varella was:
Portrait of Murray MostonMurray Moston
Hotel Manager
Murray Moston was:
Portrait of Stephanie FarrowStephanie Farrow
Stephanie Farrow was:
Portrait of CarmenCarmen
Lois Straub
Carmen was:
Portrait of Carl LeeCarl Lee
Carl Lee was:
Portrait of Miguel PiñeroMiguel Piñero
Man in the Street (New York)
Miguel Piñero was:
Portrait of Jeff SilvermanJeff Silverman
Man in the Street (New York)
Jeff Silverman was:
Portrait of Michel DelahayeMichel Delahaye
Man in the Street (Paris)
Michel Delahaye was:
Portrait of Brian HamillBrian Hamill
Record Store Manager
Brian Hamill was:
Portrait of Tony SiricoTony Sirico
Record Store Thief
Tony Sirico was:
Portrait of Geoffrey CareyGeoffrey Carey
Geoffrey Carey was:
Portrait of Patrick BakerPatrick Baker
Skip Carlson
Patrick Baker was:
Portrait of Jacques PrayerJacques Prayer
French Taxi Driver
Jacques Prayer was:
Portrait of Vincent LascoumesVincent Lascoumes
French Taxi Driver
Vincent Lascoumes was:
Portrait of Mostéfa StitiMostéfa Stiti
Rivas' Gang
Mostéfa Stiti was:
Portrait of Djéloul BeghouraDjéloul Beghoura
Rivas' Gang
Djéloul Beghoura was:
Portrait of David JalilDavid Jalil
Rivas' Gang
David Jalil was:
Portrait of Aïna WalleAïna Walle
Rivas' Gang
Aïna Walle was:
Portrait of Maryline AbecassisMaryline Abecassis
Rivas' Gang
Maryline Abecassis was:
Portrait of Anne AorAnne Aor
Rivas' Gang
Anne Aor was:
Portrait of Juergen J. StraubJuergen J. Straub
Juergen J. Straub was:
Portrait of Irving BuchmanIrving Buchman
Makeup Man
Irving Buchman was:
Portrait of Anthony CortinoAnthony Cortino
Anthony Cortino was:
Portrait of James TobackJames Toback
Leo Boscovitch
James Toback was:
Portrait of John SnyderJohn Snyder
Photographer's Assistant
John Snyder was:
Portrait of Norris MailerNorris Mailer
Restaurant Customer
Norris Mailer was:
Portrait of José TorresJosé Torres
Guest at Party
José Torres was:
Portrait of Amy SteelAmy Steel
Guest at Party
Amy Steel was:
Portrait of Pete HamillPete Hamill
Guest at Party
Pete Hamill was:
Portrait of Janice DickinsonJanice Dickinson
Janice Dickinson was:
Portrait of YasmineYasmine
Yasmine was:
Portrait of ImanIman
Iman was:
Portrait of Hilary EnglishHilary English
Hilary English was:
Portrait of Denis SeuratDenis Seurat
Place d'Alma Model
Denis Seurat was:
Portrait of Cynthia EichorCynthia Eichor
Party Host (uncredited)
Cynthia Eichor was:
Portrait of Stephen M. SilvermanStephen M. Silverman
Guest at Party (uncredited)
Stephen M. Silverman was:
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