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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of An Eye for an Eye

An Eye for an Eye

Release Date: Friday, August 14 1981 (41 years ago)
Portrait of Chuck NorrisChuck Norris
Sean Kane
Chuck Norris was:
Portrait of Christopher LeeChristopher Lee
Morgan Canfield
Christopher Lee was:
Portrait of Richard RoundtreeRichard Roundtree
Capt. Stevens
Richard Roundtree was:
Portrait of Matt ClarkMatt Clark
Tom McCoy
Matt Clark was:
Portrait of MakoMako
James Chan
Mako was:
Portrait of Maggie CooperMaggie Cooper
Heather Sullivan
Maggie Cooper was:
Portrait of Rosalind ChaoRosalind Chao
Linda Chan
Rosalind Chao was:
Portrait of Professor Toru TanakaProfessor Toru Tanaka
The Professor
Professor Toru Tanaka was:
Portrait of Stuart PankinStuart Pankin
Nicky LaBelle
Stuart Pankin was:
Portrait of Terry KiserTerry Kiser
Dave Pierce
Terry Kiser was:
Portrait of Dorothy DellsDorothy Dells
Cab driver
Dorothy Dells was:
Portrait of Dov GottesfeldDov Gottesfeld
Dov Gottesfeld was:
Portrait of Rick PrietoRick Prieto
Rick Prieto was:
Portrait of Sam HionaSam Hiona
Sam Hiona was:
Portrait of J.E. FreemanJ.E. Freeman
Tow Truck Dude
J.E. Freeman was:
Portrait of Joe BellanJoe Bellan
Truck driver
Joe Bellan was:
Portrait of Daniel ForrestDaniel Forrest
VW driver
Daniel Forrest was:
Portrait of Joe De NicolaJoe De Nicola
Parlor manager
Joe De Nicola was:
Portrait of Jeffrey BannisterJeffrey Bannister
Man on walkie-talkie
Jeffrey Bannister was:
Portrait of Mel NovakMel Novak
Tony Montoya
Mel Novak was:
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