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Poster of Heaven Help Us

Heaven Help Us

Release Date: Friday, February 8 1985 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland
Brother Thadeus
Donald Sutherland was:
Portrait of John HeardJohn Heard
Brother Timothy
John Heard was:
Portrait of Andrew McCarthyAndrew McCarthy
Michael Dunn
Andrew McCarthy was:
Portrait of Mary Stuart MastersonMary Stuart Masterson
Mary Stuart Masterson was:
Portrait of Kevin DillonKevin Dillon
Kevin Dillon was:
Portrait of Malcolm DanareMalcolm Danare
Malcolm Danare was:
Portrait of Jennifer DundasJennifer Dundas
Jennifer Dundas was:
Portrait of Kate ReidKate Reid
Kate Reid was:
Portrait of Wallace ShawnWallace Shawn
Father Abruzzi
Wallace Shawn was:
Portrait of Jay PattersonJay Patterson
Brother Constance
Jay Patterson was:
Portrait of George AndersGeorge Anders
Brother Augustus
George Anders was:
Portrait of Dana BarronDana Barron
Dana Barron was:
Portrait of John Eric BentleyJohn Eric Bentley
First Man
John Eric Bentley was:
Portrait of Imogene BlissImogene Bliss
Imogene Bliss was:
Portrait of Philip BoscoPhilip Bosco
Brother Paul
Philip Bosco was:
Portrait of Donald BreitmanDonald Breitman
Brother Gregory
Donald Breitman was:
Portrait of Nolan CarleyNolan Carley
Nolan Carley was:
Portrait of Al CerulloAl Cerullo
Al Cerullo was:
Portrait of Calvert DeForestCalvert DeForest
Bridge Operator
Calvert DeForest was:
Portrait of Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey was:
Portrait of Christopher DurangChristopher Durang
Christopher Durang was:
Portrait of William EustaceWilliam Eustace
Brother William
William Eustace was:
Portrait of Henry FehrenHenry Fehren
Priest Celebrant
Henry Fehren was:
Portrait of Janice FullerJanice Fuller
Janice Fuller was:
Portrait of Pamela GalvinPamela Galvin
Sister Thomasina
Pamela Galvin was:
Portrait of Stephen GeoffreysStephen Geoffreys
Stephen Geoffreys was:
Portrait of Richard HamiltonRichard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton was:
Portrait of Jody JensenJody Jensen
Girl #2
Jody Jensen was:
Portrait of Mary KochMary Koch
Cafeteria Lady
Mary Koch was:
Portrait of Paul MarchandPaul Marchand
Paul Marchand was:
Portrait of Kachina MyersKachina Myers
Girl #1
Kachina Myers was:
Portrait of Vic PolizosVic Polizos
Police Officer
Vic Polizos was:
Portrait of Douglas SealeDouglas Seale
Brother Domenic
Douglas Seale was:
Portrait of Yeardley SmithYeardley Smith
Yeardley Smith was:
Portrait of Jimmie Ray WeeksJimmie Ray Weeks
Danni's Father
Jimmie Ray Weeks was:
Portrait of Mel WinklerMel Winkler
Mel Winkler was:
Portrait of Ed ZangEd Zang
Ed Zang was:
Portrait of Craig AustinCraig Austin
High School Student (uncredited)
Craig Austin was:
Portrait of Victoria BoaVictoria Boa
Catholic School Girl (uncredited)
Victoria Boa was:
Portrait of Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
Girl at Dance (uncredited)
Nancy Cartwright was:
Portrait of Kathleen GatiKathleen Gati
Catholic School Girl (uncredited)
Kathleen Gati was:
Portrait of George GerardGeorge Gerard
High School Student (uncredited)
George Gerard was:
Portrait of Justin McNeillJustin McNeill
Greaser (uncredited)
Justin McNeill was:
Portrait of Keith NisonoffKeith Nisonoff
Steve (uncredited)
Keith Nisonoff was:
Portrait of Jared SimonJared Simon
Prep Student (uncredited)
Jared Simon was:
Portrait of Thomas E. van DellThomas E. van Dell
Student (uncredited)
Thomas E. van Dell was:
Portrait of Maggie WagnerMaggie Wagner
Catholic School Girl (uncredited)
Maggie Wagner was:
Portrait of Anthony WelchAnthony Welch
Catholic School Student (uncredited)
Anthony Welch was:
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