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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Ernest Saves Christmas

Ernest Saves Christmas

Release Date: Friday, November 11 1988 (33 years ago)
Portrait of Jim VarneyJim Varney
Ernest P. Worrell
Jim Varney was:
Portrait of Douglas SealeDouglas Seale
Douglas Seale was:
Portrait of Noelle ParkerNoelle Parker
Noelle Parker was:
Portrait of Gailard SartainGailard Sartain
Gailard Sartain was:
Portrait of Bill ByrgeBill Byrge
Bill Byrge was:
Portrait of Billie BirdBillie Bird
Mary Morrissey
Billie Bird was:
Portrait of Oliver ClarkOliver Clark
Joe Carruthers
Oliver Clark was:
Portrait of Robert LesserRobert Lesser
Robert Lesser was:
Portrait of Barry BrazellBarry Brazell
Cab Passenger
Barry Brazell was:
Portrait of Phran GauciPhran Gauci
Phran Gauci was:
Portrait of Bill CordellBill Cordell
Bill Cordell was:
Portrait of Bob NorrisBob Norris
Police Chief Spenks
Bob Norris was:
Portrait of Tom NowickiTom Nowicki
Crew Member
Tom Nowicki was:
Portrait of Paul DarbyPaul Darby
Ticket Agent
Paul Darby was:
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