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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Almost an Angel

Almost an Angel

Release Date: Friday, December 21 1990 (31 years ago)
Portrait of Paul HoganPaul Hogan
Terry Dean
Paul Hogan was:
Portrait of Elias KoteasElias Koteas
Steve Garner
Elias Koteas was:
Portrait of Linda KozlowskiLinda Kozlowski
Rose Garner
Linda Kozlowski was:
Portrait of Doreen LangDoreen Lang
Mrs. Garner
Doreen Lang was:
Portrait of Douglas SealeDouglas Seale
Douglas Seale was:
Portrait of Larry MillerLarry Miller
Larry Miller was:
Portrait of Charlton HestonCharlton Heston
Charlton Heston was:
Portrait of Stephanie HodgeStephanie Hodge
Diner Waitress
Stephanie Hodge was:
Portrait of David Alan GrierDavid Alan Grier
Det. Bill
David Alan Grier was:
Portrait of Jason MarsdenJason Marsden
Jason Marsden was:
Portrait of Randy VasquezRandy Vasquez
Hood Nervo at Bank
Randy Vasquez was:
Portrait of Peter VasquezPeter Vasquez
Peter Vasquez was:
Portrait of Michael AlldredgeMichael Alldredge
Det. Sgt. Freebody
Michael Alldredge was:
Portrait of Ruth WarshawskyRuth Warshawsky
Irene Bealeman
Ruth Warshawsky was:
Portrait of Parley BaerParley Baer
George Bealeman
Parley Baer was:
Portrait of Robert SuttonRobert Sutton
Robert Sutton was:
Portrait of Steven BrillSteven Brill
2nd Male Teller
Steven Brill was:
Portrait of Richard GroveRichard Grove
Uniformed Cop
Richard Grove was:
Portrait of Hal Landon Jr.Hal Landon Jr.
Paradise Bar Local
Hal Landon Jr. was:
Portrait of Hank WordenHank Worden
Hank Worden was:
Portrait of Vickilyn ReynoldsVickilyn Reynolds
Nancy - Bank Customer #1
Vickilyn Reynolds was:
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