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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Aladdin


Release Date: Wednesday, November 25 1992 (29 years ago)
Portrait of Scott WeingerScott Weinger
Aladdin (voice)
Scott Weinger was:
Portrait of Robin WilliamsRobin Williams
Genie / Peddler (voice)
Robin Williams was:
Portrait of Linda LarkinLinda Larkin
Jasmine (voice)
Linda Larkin was:
Portrait of Jonathan FreemanJonathan Freeman
Jafar (voice)
Jonathan Freeman was:
Portrait of Gilbert GottfriedGilbert Gottfried
Iago (voice)
Gilbert Gottfried was:
Portrait of Frank WelkerFrank Welker
Abu / Cave of Wonders / Rajah (voice)
Frank Welker was:
Portrait of Douglas SealeDouglas Seale
Sultan (voice)
Douglas Seale was:
Portrait of Brad KaneBrad Kane
Aladdin (singing voice)
Brad Kane was:
Portrait of Lea SalongaLea Salonga
Jasmine (singing voice)
Lea Salonga was:
Portrait of Bruce AdlerBruce Adler
Peddler (singing voice)
Bruce Adler was:
Portrait of Charlie AdlerCharlie Adler
Gazeem (voice)
Charlie Adler was:
Portrait of Jack AngelJack Angel
Additional Voices (voice)
Jack Angel was:
Portrait of Corey BurtonCorey Burton
Prince Achmed (voice)
Corey Burton was:
Portrait of Philip L. ClarkePhilip L. Clarke
Additional Voices (voice)
Philip L. Clarke was:
Portrait of Jim CummingsJim Cummings
Razoul (voice)
Jim Cummings was:
Portrait of Jennifer DarlingJennifer Darling
Additional Voices (voice)
Jennifer Darling was:
Portrait of Debi DerryberryDebi Derryberry
Harem Girl (voice)
Debi Derryberry was:
Portrait of Bruce GoochBruce Gooch
Additional Voices (voice)
Bruce Gooch was:
Portrait of Jerry HouserJerry Houser
Additional Voices (voice)
Jerry Houser was:
Portrait of Vera LockwoodVera Lockwood
Additional Voices (voice)
Vera Lockwood was:
Portrait of Sherry LynnSherry Lynn
Additional Voices (voice)
Sherry Lynn was:
Portrait of Mickie McGowanMickie McGowan
Additional Voices (voice)
Mickie McGowan was:
Portrait of Patrick PinneyPatrick Pinney
Additional Voices (voice)
Patrick Pinney was:
Portrait of Phil ProctorPhil Proctor
Additional Voices (voice)
Phil Proctor was:
Portrait of Hal SmithHal Smith
Jafar's Horse (voice) (uncredited)
Hal Smith was:
Portrait of Teddy NewtonTeddy Newton
Agrabah Villagers (voice) (uncredited)
Teddy Newton was:
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