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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Brain Dead

Brain Dead

Release Date: 1990-01-16 (31 years ago)
Bill Pullman
Dr. Rex Martin
Bill Pullman was:
Bill Paxton
Jim Reston
Bill Paxton was:
Bud Cort
Jack Halsey
Bud Cort was:
Nicholas Pryor
Man in Bloody White Suit / Ramsen / Ed Conklin
Nicholas Pryor was:
Patricia Charbonneau
Dana Martin
Patricia Charbonneau was:
George Kennedy
George Kennedy was:
Brian Brophy
Brian Brophy was:
David Sinaiko
David Sinaiko was:
Lee Arenberg
Lee Arenberg was:
Andy Wood
Brain Surgeon
Andy Wood was:
Maud Winchester
Crazy Anna
Maud Winchester was:
Lisa Moncure
Board Member
Lisa Moncure was:
Jon Kellam
Board Member
Jon Kellam was:
Willie Garson
Board Member
Willie Garson was:
John Paxton
Board Member
John Paxton was:
David Sklare
Board Member
David Sklare was:
Cynthia Ettinger
Nurse Anderson
Cynthia Ettinger was:
Shannon Holt
Shannon Holt was:
V.J. Foster
V.J. Foster was:
Brent Hinkley
Brent Hinkley was:
Kyle Gass
Kyle Gass was:
Deirdre O'Connell
Mrs. Halsey
Deirdre O'Connell was:
Ann Vincent
Halsey's Aunt
Ann Vincent was:
Dorothy Vincent
Halsey's Aunt
Dorothy Vincent was:
Dean Robinson
Dean Robinson was:
Mark Boothby
Neighbor / Eunice Security Guard
Mark Boothby was:
Steve Ruggles
Restaurant Manager
Steve Ruggles was:
Adam Lima
Bus Boy
Adam Lima was:
Jesse Douglas
Canteen Attendant
Jesse Douglas was:
Patti Tippo
Patti Tippo was:
Barney Burman
Experimental Face
Barney Burman was:
Laura McCorkindale
Dancing Madwoman
Laura McCorkindale was:
Roscoe Pound
Wrong Man
Roscoe Pound was:
William Simon
Doctor in Lobotomy Film
William Simon was:
Alexander von Roon
Alexander von Roon was:
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